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Wednesday 20 August 2014

Paddy is not well.

Our pets are very special to us and so when they are poorly it is a real worry.


We have owned Paddy since he was 11 months old and the only time he has ever been to the vet has been when he was castrated and for his vaccinations. Today though we ended up taking him to the vets because he has not been eating properly over the past week and over the past couple of weeks he has not been himself. He has slowed right down and although he is not a hyper active Border Collie, I have felt he had slowed to a snails pace. Of course that can happen with age and he is 10 years old now. His eating has been dreadful and we thought it may have been due to his food being changed in someway, because the packaging has changed. So this morning I went out to the Trust Pet shop to ask if they knew of any changes to the food, but they said “ If there had been any changes to the food they would not be told, however some other owners had said their dogs were not eating the food like they used to”. So that had me thinking maybe he did not like the change, so I bought a small bag of original James Wellbeloved, which is what he has hoping he would eat it, but sadly tonight he did not think much to his food again. It was then I called the vet, who said to take him up to the surgery. She took a blood sample, to see if it shows anything and weighed him. He has not lost a lot of weight from last November, but I think he has lost weight over the  last couple of weeks and the vet said he had lost muscle. he is clearly not himself. Tomorrow evening we will know hopefully what the problem is because he is running a high temperature, so something is going on. Poor old boy.

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