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Thursday 7 August 2014

What a lovely couple of days.

I truly love days when you can expect the unexpected and the past couple of days have been like that.
Yesterday I did not do anything particularly exciting, but whilst chatting to Valerie and her husband on NB Enid, Caroline and John on NB Vanyar arrived in the arm, so I waited for them to moor up bank side and then Keith and I were invited on board for coffee and to meet their very handsome new edition to the boat Beren. He is adorable and I will try and get a photograph of him.
Later in the day we saw NB Persephone go past the boat whilst we were watching a film. It was Lyn and Phil Bassett. Phil owns and runs Boatshed.com, should you feel the need to either sell a boat or indeed buy one. Lyn and Phil joined us on our pontoon for coffee and a long catch-up, which was really enjoyable to hear all their news. It had been quite sometime since we had seen them and so you can imagine there was a lot of chatter and laughter going on. They left us today on to pastures new, but hopefully we will see them again.
Today NB Paneke with Roger and Jane on board arrived and so I had a good old natter with them as I made my way up to the town to post yet more parcels for Keith. he has been selling some of his old railway stuff on ebay and it has sold really well, so I can see him buying more Bayko. After lunch we then welcomed NB Waterways Routes into the arm. It was lovely to see Paul, Christine and Susan again, as they had been in on 11th June, but we did not get time to have a natter as they were recording for the latest DVD. I can completely recommend their DVD's of the system. After they had filmed the arm and moored out on the towpath, they came back in to see us and we enjoyed yet more nattering over a cuppa of course and some very scrummy biscuits which they very kindly bought with them. I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of people who have been into the arm and have taken the time to come and see us and to see how Keith is doing. It really does warm the heart to know how much people care. The kettle is always on and a warm welcome to everyone is given in our little bit of heaven, known as the Saltisford Arm. It has been a really enjoyable couple of days meeting and greeting.

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