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Sunday 2 September 2018

Happy Sunday.

Hello friends and followers.

It is the first Sunday of September, the sun shone and the warmth given off by the sun, would have many thinking it was still the middle of summer. It was so lovely out when I took Paddy for his morning stroll. Going for a walk, is always nicer when the sun is shining and around here on a Sunday morning, it is so quiet, there was not another living soul about.
After breakfast for us and Paddy, it was time to get my baking apron on, mixing bowls out and fire up the stove. I am not a fancy baker or cook. I like good old plain baking and cooking, so today's delights were muffins and fruit scones.
The muffins have Lemon Curd and Strawberry jam inside them.
Really pleased with my fruit scones, because they have risen really well. They will be enjoyed with butter, or toasted with butter and Marmite on them. I love scones, more so than just eating bread. Baking finished for the day, I prepared a sweet and sour chicken and veg for lunch, which would be enjoyed with rice.
Whilst lunch was cooking, I put the final coat of varnish on the galley doors. All I have to do, once they are dry is put the handles and bolts back on. Another painting job, successfully completed. I still have paintwork to do, but this coming week, I will be busy helping with the Heritage Weekend, so will have little time to do any sort of painting and then we are off cruising again. I may just have to do paintwork, whilst we are out cruising, if time and weather allows.
After a rather scrummy lunch and coffee, the decision had to be made. Do more jobs, or as it is a Sunday put my feet up and do some more crochet in front of the TV.
Guess which won?
I am still a believer that Sunday's should be a day of rest and relaxation, of course that only came for me after baking and varnishing, but you know what I mean. Oh I forgot to mention, I was also tearing up news paper for Keith.
Today was the day he wanted to do some papier mâché on his railway layout, so I agreed to tear up the paper, so he could get on with the job of soaking it in glue and attaching it to the layout. More on his progress BLOG .
With everything done for the day, I got down to some more crocheting and watching the Sunday afternoon films, until the F1 race was on Channel 4 and then it is time to sit on the edge of my seat and hope beyond hope that Lewis Hamilton can somehow get past Vettel and win the race, this is after the two Ferrari's top the lead two places on the grid in qualifying. One has to have hope.

See you on the other side.
Pop back soon. xxx

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