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Thursday 23 June 2022

Market Harborough to Welford.


Hi Everyone.

We left Market Harborough yesterday (22nd June). It was going to be a very warm couple of hours boating, because at 9.15am the heat was already well up. 

We followed one of the Market Harborough day boats most of the way and were about to over take them, when Keith's phone rang. It was our boat blacker, calling to let us know his wife has Covid and he may not be able to black our boats hull after all. But he was still testing himself and he would let us know, what the decision will be. We are due into dry dock on the 27th June.

We got to Foxton, having caught the day boat back up again and they very kindly did the village swing bridge for me. I cannot tell you how happy I was, because it is not my favourite swing bridge at all. Anyway a couple of burly lads, soon had it open and closed. 
We moored at Foxton over night. I had a very restless night and was woken by something walking around on top of the boat. There was then a huge thump as it jumped down onto the back counter. It sounded to heavy for a cat, so we think it may have been a fox. 
This morning we left our mooring at 8.20am, with a view to heading up the locks.
Having checked in with the lock keeper, we had a 25 minute wait, as someone was on their way down, so I put the kettle on and made a cuppa.
Our turn to begin the climb.
The lady lock keeper did the white paddle and I did the Red one. Red before White you will be alright. White before Red you will be dead. Not literally, it is just a rhyme they use to make sure people do the paddles the correct way, otherwise you end up flooding the towpath.
Bye bye Foxton, see you again in two years time.
We have not heard anything from our boat blacker, so decided we would carry on and get up onto the Welford Arm.
Having moored up having done 4hrs 15mins of boating, 6 locks and1 tunnel, it was time for a bacon roll and await further information from the dry dock. 
Here is a treat for you, last nights sunset.

Pop back soon xx

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