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Monday, 27 June 2022

Best Laid Plans.


Hi Everyone.

Well, we make plans and Nine times out of Ten they will fail and this is another occasion when the plan has gone wrong. Today we were supposed to have been in dry dock blacking our boats bottom, instead we are on our way home.

Why you ask?

Well, we arrived at Welford as you saw in my last post and we spoke to Les, who informed us that his wife had tested positive to Covid after a recent break away and he was hoping he was going to remain Covid free, so he could still black our boat. On the Friday morning, their son had also gone down with it, but he was still negative and had said as long as he stays well, we were still on for blacking. But then on Saturday afternoon, he came to see us to tell us, he had tested positive and was feeling rough, so was going home and our blacking was off. Not ideal, as she has now not been blacked for three years and we always like to do it every two, but with Covid restrictions, we could not do it last year. Anyway, it cannot be helped and we just hope that he and his family come through it okay, because they all have health issues. We stayed up the Welford Arm until this morning, when we set off in the rain at 9.05am. 

It rained until around 11.30am and then the sun tried to pop out, but it was soon raining again. I lit the back cabin stove, because it was so damp and miserable, but by the time we reached Crick, it was beginning to brighten up. 
Crick tunnel gave us the chance to try out our old tunnel lamp, which has been called back into action, when the new one failed miserable to provide the light we required. 
The tunnel lamp performed brilliantly and a much happier boatman.
By the time we got to Watford Locks, the sun was well and truly out. We had a few minutes wait to go down, because two boats were coming up. So I went and emptied the toilet cassette.
With help from the lock keepers we were soon down the flight and heading towards Norton Junction. 
We moored up at 4.25 pm just past Norton Junction. Tomorrow, we will head for Braunston Tunnel.

Pop back soon x

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