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Wednesday 18 August 2010

A beautiful day.

Hi Folks.

As I type today's posting, the sun has just come out yippee.

Having enjoyed a nice day yesterday, during the evening I walked up to the reservior to take some sunset photographs and although there was not a decent sunset I did get this rather moody photo. The sky grew darker by the minute and no sooner I had replaced the lense cap to my camera, the rain began to fall.
As I made my way back to the boat, the heavens opened and it was raining cats and dogs. We had an absolute deluge of rain which lasted for a good few moments. Just what is needed right now. It continued to rain through out the evening and was still coming down when we went to bed.

After the drama's of the smoking generator, all was fine when we ran it again and it was turned off after just over an hour. Now any respectable boater knows that you do NOT run your engine or generator after 8 pm. This obviously does not seem to apply to some people, because the boater moored opposite us, for the second night running began running his generator at 7 pm and did not turn it off until 10pm. This is so disrespectful to people not just on the other boats, but also to those who live in the houses. What made it worse is this boater is on Permit Holder Moorings. Ok rant over again.

It is now Wednesday and we set off at 9.30 am. First job was to empty the toilet cassette and get rid of rubbish at the Sanitary Station at the BW yard at Marsworth. Next time we are this way, the BW yard may well be no longer, if the planning permission goes through for the 12 dwellings. So I have taken plenty of photos for future reference. We headed for the Marsworth pair of locks and as we got into the lock, it looked like a boat was ready to leave the moorings behind us. So I shouted to them "Were they coming down". I got a wave of arms and a gentleman said "No we are not". We then preceeded to go down through the first lock, and I went and set the second lock. As we got into the second lock, the boat that had said they were not coming down, were setting the top lock for themselves. So it was obvious they were coming down after all. We decided to wait for them in the second lock and they came in alongside us. They told us that they did not think they would be ready to share the top lock with us and that is why they said they were not coming down. I said to the woman "Well we are in no hurry and would have been happy to have waited. It is much better to share the locks, so that we can save water".Anyway we shared the lock and they then went ahead to set the Swing Bridge. Just as we were coming out of the Bottom of the Marsworth Pair, Roger on Turnothworld was approaching. Turnothworld is a copy of a Bridgewater Tug and it was built by Roger Fuller in 1998. She looked lovely having just been repainted. We exchanged a quick conversation with Roger and his wife, before we both went on our way. The boat we were travelling with had done the Swing Bridge and we followed them through. They then said " There was a single boat going down the Seabrook Locks would you like to share with them", so I said "yep that is fine, we will go on then". As we came through the Swing Bridge another boat was coming at speed from the opposite direction and unfortunately there was a collision as we passed them, which was not our fault, they should have slowed down. It turned out that the single boat going down was a day boat from Pitstone with a group of adults onboard. I offered advice on doing the locks as we went down the two locks, which I think was welcomed. We are now moored below the second of the Seabrook Locks and the day boat went off on their day trip.
After some lunch Keith and I enjoyed a nice stroll along the towpath and back. Had fabulous views of the Chilterns. Watched the House Martin's dart in and out of their nests on Seabrook Lock Cottage and saw a pair of Kestrel's attacking a Buzzard, that was obviously to close for comfort for the Kestrel's liking. You see such wonderous things on the cut. That is why I love this life and everything it offers, including our very good friends.
With the TV ariel up and a good signal, we are going to settle in for the evening.

Steps done today 6771.

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