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Tuesday 10 August 2010

Sitting in the rain.

Goooood Morningggg Friends.

Sorry just had to do that in a Robin Williams voice from 'Good Morning Vietnam'. I loved that film. Got to sound cheerful, because looking out of the galley window, it is anything but nice this morning.
I have no idea why but I always start my postings with me in bed. Maybe it is because I like my bed. So why change the habit. There was I lying in bed, and I looked at the clock, which read 1 o'clock. Which was a little odd, because it was light outside. So I had either slept in till past lunch time or the clock had stopped. Phewwwwwww the clock had indeed stopped. The re-chargeable batteries had died a death and needed to be revived back to life. That had to wait because having got up to check the galley clock, which read 7.40am, I needed a cup of tea, which was duly enjoyed back under the covers. Marmite came and joined us, with her usual meow and purring. Creeping up the boat was Pad, who though he should be allowed to join in, so he sat near the bed with his head resting on my leg. "Bed" said the grumpy old man next to me ;0). So Pad trundled off back to his bed. You could tell by the way he was plodding back across the wooden floor, he was not a happy boy. No sooner he had plonked his behind back in his bed, the grumpy old man, called him back, where upon Pad leapt with great excitement on to the bed and made himself at home. Now Pad is not one for lying still, he is such a dreadful fidget. In the end after drinking our tea, there was nothing for it, but to get up, because there is nothing worse than being in bed with a fidget.
As we are moored near a park, I donned my jacket and hat and took Pad for a run across the park. He was off the boat and down the towpath to the park, like a demented rabbit. Boy he can run when he wants to, not that is very often with his breathing issue. This morning he was obviously up for a good run and sped off across the park. With no one else around on this rather damp morning, I did not have to worry about other dogs running at him in attack mode. having enjoyed a good old run, that is Pad not me, we headed back to the boat where breakfast was waiting. Breakfast this morning was just good old cereal. Nothing terribly exciting I know, but we do not have a cooked breakfast every morning. Blimey if we did we would be the size of a house.
It is still raining, so there is nothing for it but to stay put today. It is not as if we are in any kind of hurry.
I am already trying to decide what to cook for dinner tonight. Looking in the freezer, it may well be meatballs in pasta sauce with Spagetti. I fancy meatballs after having a salad last night. The one thing about hot weather is you end up eating lots of salads on a boat, because it is to hot to cook, which is fine and dandy, but they can get a little boring. I try to make each salad a little different, but even I get bored with them. So yep meatballs sounds good to me. Roll on the cold weather, so I can start cooking stews and curries again in the back cabin stove. I know I should not be wishing my life away, but I love using my back cabin stove. Right I have to go and empty my clothes cupboard in the back cabin and tidy it up, as I am beginning to find it difficult to find anything. Have a good day everyone.

I would like to wish J and her husband a Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary for today. Here's to another 25 years.

Congratulations to Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster who are expecting another baby. Penny is Three Months pregnant.

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