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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Stoke Bruerne for Lunch.

Hi Folks.

It was certainly an Autumnal morning, when I opened the back cabin doors to the world and there on the surface of the canal was a fine mist. On the towpath it looked like we had had a slight frost as well. This spells the beginning of Autumn. I have certainly noticed that the nights and early morning's are colder, so I wonder how much longer it will be before we need to light the stoves.

After walking his lordship, we were ready for the off at 8.30am. First destination was the Sanitary Station at the bottom of Stoke Bruerne, as we needed to take on some water and once again empty the toilet cassette. Our cassettes generally last up to 5 days all being well. We have a spare just in case we should get caught short thought. It always pays to be prepared. And if we really get taken double short we have a spade. There were a few boats on the move this morning, as we cruised lock free to the bottom of the Stoke Bruerne flight. We arrived at the station, just as a couple of boats were leaving, which was extremely handy, otherwise we would not have been able to get in. Moored up and filling up with water already was NB Mandalay, so having connected the hose to the tape and started the fill on our water tank, I went and enquired as to whether they would be going up and would they like to share. They were very happy with the idea of sharing the locks on the flight. Whilst they had been moored up, they had been out with a boat magnet, search for a side door which belonged to one of the Hire boats from Oxfordshire Narrowboat's Company. It seems a hirer managed to lose one of the doors whilst mooring up. If I tried to explain how it happened it would take me ages so I will skip that part, but I will say it is easily done if your not watching what your doing, when mooring up. Sadly they had hand no luck with the door, but had found a windlass, mooring chain and a sheered off propeller.
We had a lovely cruise up the flight with them and also met up with Mac and Pam on NB Mona Lisa, which was fortunate, because I wanted to pay Pam for my porthole lace which she had kindly made for me, so we exchanged money for goodies, caught up on news and then said our goodbyes for now, whilst Keith was off to the next lock with Mandalay. I did a quick sprint up the towpath to catch them up as the lock gates were closing behind the boats, and we carried on our way. We got to the top two locks and the gongoozlers were out in force with their camera's. This was certainly not the time to make a prat of myself, so concentration was needed. Phew flight all done and I did not disgrace myself. Infact I think I made one little girl very happy, when I allowed her to help me open and shut the lock gates on the top lock. We said cheerio to NB Mandalay as they were carrying on and we found ourselves a mooring. Duncan on NB Zendu was already moored up selling his painted wear. It was nice to see him again, as it had been well over a year since we saw him at Cowley.
Lunch was taken at the Spice of Bruerne Indian Restaurant. We had a lovely set lunch for £6.95 each. It was my treat. On the way back we collected a form for the Village at War weekend, which is held on the first weekend of October and headed back to the boat. It is busy outside with lots of people walking the towpath after visiting the museum. The trip boat is also up and down. It is wonderful to see Stoke Bruerne so busy.

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