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Monday 2 August 2010

Happy Day's

Hi Friends.

We enjoyed a lovely weekend on the mooring opposite the Marina. Being moored there gave us the chance to meet up with family at the Horse and Barge last night, which was very enjoyable. Was lovely to show Clare and Fil around the boat.

After a short jaunt this morning, we are now moored above Black Jack's Lock. Another short run this morning, 1.16 miles, 2 locks, in 55mins but at least we did 2 locks, it all helps with the fitness. As we approached Black Jack's Lock, we met Tim Woods pushing a barge along the cut with one of his tugs. It was a monster of a thing. Thankfully it was empty, so was not displacing to much water, otherwise we may have ended up on the mud, as we moved over to let him pass.

Tim stuck his head out of the side window and wished us a good morning, and we wished him the same as we both went on our way.

So all moored up, coffee was made and then our attention got drawn to doing an oil change on the engine, as it had gone over the 200 hours we normally allow before changing the oil. I found two empty oil cans in the hold, which we pumped the old oil into and then Keith poured in 10 litres ofd brand new oil. This will make the engine very happy for another 200 hours. Our old oil was given to the owner of Lincoln, who runs his DM3 on old engine oil. We also gave him a large can of old oil as well. It was nice to get it out of the hold. Time flies when your chatting, because it had gone past lunchtime, so I did us some sandwiches and another coffee, with a view to doing a cooked dinner later.

I always love meeting fellow bloggers or blog readers and today I met another blog reader. As I was doing something in the engine room, I saw the bow of a boat going past and a voice said "We like your blog". I poked my head out of the engine room door and said "Thank you". As they were heading for the lock with another boat, I felt I should go and say a proper hello and find out who these readers were. It turned out to be Judith and John on their boat NB Serena and they were sharing the locks with NB Ubique. Judith and John are on their way to the National Boat Rally at Beale Park. It was nice chatting to them both and sharing information about moorings etc. That is what boating is all about, we should all help each other out. Having chatted whilst they were going down in the lock, I helped with one of the gates and then they were gone, having said goodbye. I am quite sure we will see them again and we will maybe then get to chat longer. It is always a treat to meet and chat to other bloggers, or people who read our blog. This blog is mine, we have a seperate blog for the boat. I decided I wanted a blog of my own, to give a woman's perspective of life on the cut. It may not be as exciting, but at least I can write about what I like LOL.

So it has been a happy day for me. I love days like this when we do a small amount of cruising and then get to chat to other people. It could be said that I can actually chat for England at times. But hey it would be a boring world if we were all the same. As I sit here typing this, I can hear one of the Peacocks across the cut calling its mate. I may just see if I can get a photo later.

Canal news has reached the BBC it seems. Part of Leeds-Liverpool Canal closes to save water. It is a shame that the system is being closed due to a lack of water, but these measures sometimes have to be taken. Even where we are there has been little rain and it does make me wonder how long it will be before further restrictions may come into place. That is why it is important not to waste water, by leaving paddles up and gates open. It is also a help if people can share locks. I realise it is not always possible to share. We did not share this morning as there was nothing else moving. But if you see a boat about to move and you can share the locks, then do it as it may help to save water.

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