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Saturday 14 August 2010

Not A Happy Bunny.

Morning All.
I wish I could say I had a great nights sleep, but I cannot. Yesterday was a lovely day, we had a walk over to Berkhamsted Castle, which is is a ruined Norman motte-and-bailey castle. In the 12th century, the castle was home to Thomas Becket, Chancellor of England. In the 14th century, it became the residence of Edward, the Black Prince, and Geoffrey Chaucer was appointed Clerk to the Works. Afterwards we found a lovely little Antiques Centre, called Heritage Antiques. They had a Measham Teapot, but it had a nasty crack in it and the lid did not match the teapot, so we left it well alone. I had Coffee out with a friend and the better half then went out with her husband to the pub, it was the perfect Friday in many days, which got spoilt last night by some mindless idiots.

It all began at 10pm when a plastic cruiser arrived in the dark and moored in front of us, which is not a problem normally. They chose to cruise in the dark with no headlamp, that is up to them. As we watched the TV before heading to bed, there was noise in the park, but that we expected for a Friday night. No sooner the rain came down the noise stopped, I guess they did not like getting wet. Hubby had gone to bed at 10pm, as he is still suffering from his cold. I decided to stay up and watched Dawn French in 'Roger and Val just got in' on BBC2. I am still deciding whether I like the program or not. Program over, so at 10.30pm I headed to bed and hoped that I would not have to listen to anymore racket going on outside. My hope was in vain however, because all's I could hear was screaming, shouting and bad language. I eventually nodded off, only to be woken at 1.30am to the sound of Bob the Builder being sung and someone calling Antony. The F Word was used an awful lot in the shouting. Now I am not sure whether it was coming from the cruiser in front of us, or just on the towpath, but it was flippin annoying. We both try and be respectful to others and I am not one for using bad language. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate the F or C word. Infact bad language is not really needed as far as I am concerned. At about 3am it began to rain heavily and the rumpus finally stopped and all's I could hear was the rain thumping on the roof and the ting, ting of the rain drops hitting the mushroom vent above me. This sound was much more acceptable to my ears and I must have gone back to sleep, because when I woke again it was 7.30am when I looked at the clock again. It is very sad that some people have very little respect for others and their peace and quiet. I dare say the behaviour of these people was fuelled by drink or even worse drugs, but it is not what is needed anywhere in our society. I just know I am gonna suffer all day now because of lack of sleep. Normally we would not moor near a town on a Friday, because of this sort of problem, but because the weather was not nice yesterday and our friends were here, we thought we would stay. I am seriously hoping tonight is not the same.

The weather today has not improved and although it was dry when I took Paddy out for his walk, it is now raining again. Before this rain started, we took a walk into the town to have a nose around the Charity shops. No matter what town we visit, we always go into the Charity shops, to see if there is anything of interest. We are however finding that Charity shops are getting more and more expensive, so it is very difficult to find a bargain anymore. I guess this is due to all the disasters they are try to help out these days or is it they are just being to greedy?
We are now back on the boat and it is almost lunch time, so I am going to think of something for lunch. It may just have to be Hot Dogs, with onions. Have a lovely Saturday.

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