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Thursday 5 August 2010

A Walk in the Park.

Hi Friends.

Late yesterday afternoon, I took Pad for a walk around the lakes at the Aquadrome, and enjoyed watching the young man in the photograph above water ski-ing. I would never be able to stand up on water ski's of any sort. Infact I think there would a catastrophic accident if I ever tried anything like that. This young man was very good though. Pad enjoy his walk, but was not impressed by the water lapping at his feet as we watched the water skier. Pad does not do water in any shape or form. The only water he likes, is the water he drink.
Despite staying up late last night, neither K or I got off to a good start, when it came to sleeping. I was wide awake no sooner my head was on the pillow. I was almost tempted to get up and have a cup of tea, but I knew if I did that, I would be up for hours, so I tossed and turned and finally fell asleep.
We were awake at 6.30am and lay awake listening to the Geese hooting, something has clearly upset them. After the hooting from the Geese, came people walking past the boat chatting very loudly. They do not always realise that there maybe people sleeping on the boats. I have been known to hear someones very personal conversation. Just as well I do not blush easily. Not longer after the dog walkers pass by.
Your wondering how I know they are dog walkers?
I can hear the clanging of the lead chains.
It was time to rise and shine. I did breakfast and a cuppa, before walking Pad once again around part of the Aquadrome. It is a lovely walk for anyone, so do go and visit the Aquadrome at Rickmansworth. We then got our boat underway and reversed over to Tesco to do a food shop. It was very quiet, which suited us fine. Back onboard having bought Tesco's out, I put all the food away, whilst K sorted the boat out ready for the off to Batchworth Lock, where we emptied one of the toilet cassettes. We had a quiet jaunt really. There was no one to share the 5 locks with, which was a shame. But we were fortunate that a boat was coming in the opposite direction, so the locks were pretty much with us.

We came up therough Ironbridge lock with lots of people watching us. This is when you hope you do not do anything stupid. Phew all went well, and I managed to get a couple of the children involved with opening one of the gates, which they got very excited about. We managed to find a deep water mooring in Cassiobury Park, just above Ironbridge lock, having done 3.4 miles, 5 locks, in 2hrs 20mins. We will be here for the weekend.
After some lunch, we took a walk through the park. K was last here in the 70's and wanted to see if it had changed any. It seems it had, because there was a large area for children, which was heaving with children and their parents. All the children were playing in large paddling pools, on bouncy castles and swings. Following a £200,000 rebuild in time for the 2009 school summer holidays this is now the best playarea in the town. It is suitable for children up to the age of 14 and contains swings, numerous climbing frames and slides, a granite stone maze and even a trampoline and zip wire. It was a real treat to see some many enjoying a lovely afternoon. I am hoping to take more photos over the weekend, as I go an explore the park more.
As many of us boaters know, it can be a dangerous passtime or lifestyle and this was born out with a report I have just seen on The Telegraph Online News. Grandmother killed after being knocked into canal by falling tree. My thoughts and prayers go out the the family and friends of this dearly loved lady. No one should ever under estimate the dangers of boating and yet there seems to be a minority who think nothing will ever happen to them. Clearly that is not the case and non of us know what each day will bring. This is such a sad story for all concerned.

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