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Sunday 1 August 2010

A Perfick day.

Taken after we had moved onboard a few years ago.
Hi Friends.

Today has been a day of actually doing very little, just how a Sunday should be really. As per-usual the morning stuff happened the same as it always does, and then I did some brass cleaning in the back cabin. Brass does not take long to tarnish, especially with it being near the water. I always love to see it shining in the sunshine. It is worth the hard work and dirty hands.
With the brass done, it was then lunchtime, so I did us some Hot Dogs and a Coffee, and we settled down for the F1 GP. Congratulations to Mark Webber, who really deserved his win. I really think Vettel needs to grow up. He behaved like a spoilt child today and deserved his punishment. As for Mr Schumacher, why did he bother coming back on to the circuit. His behaviour today was totally appauling. Barricello was so lucky not to have had a serious accident. I have never been a fan of Mr Schumacher and after today's antics, he has certainly not improved my opinion of him. He should have stayed retired in my opinion. The Championship is now wide open with Hamilton not finishing and Button down in the points. They now have a break for holidays and then we have 8 more races to look forward to. Something tells me this is going to be a nerve racking last few races.
Our evening was spent with family in the Horse and Barge Pub. It was nice to catch up with family and to receive our post, which had been kindly sent by my friend T. I always enjoy getting post. There was not much of interest in the post this time however. Just our new licence, and bank stuff. Oh and the magazines from the RBOA (Residential Boat Owners' Association) and the HNBOC (The Historic Narrow Boat Owners Club), both of which we are members. There was an interesting card in one of the magazines. It had A Guide to Boating Etiquette on the UK Inland Waterways. Which I read with interest and a rye smile. Because although I count myself as a Considerate Boater, there are so many out there who are most defintely not. It is sad to say that, there are many coming on to the waterway's who do not care about our waterway's, they only care about themselves and this is ruining what is a fabulous way of life for many. The aim of this website is to promote considerate boating and good boating etiquette on the inland waterways in the UK. I wish them luck. I have joined up and hope that others will do so too. Who knows we may bring back the proper spirit of boating back to the cut.
I have had my evening cuppa and now it is time to say Goodnight, because I am tired and I dare say we may be on the move again tomorrow. So Goodnight one and all.

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