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Monday 9 August 2010

A Lovely weekend.

Hi Friends old and new.

I had a very enjoyable weekend, despite having to move and being on the tilt for part of Sunday. Hen i say on the tilt. I mean the boat was listing, due to low water level.
As you may remember from Saturday, we moved the boat after a boater told us we were on a winding 'ole. I have yet to find out for definite that it is still a winding 'ole, I will confirm it with our British Waterways friend, when we next see him. I have a feeling it used to be a winding 'ole, but is not now used.
Anyway now to Sunday. After a very nice nights kip. I was up and out with the hound, who seemed to have springs in his paws. Maybe the sunshine had something to do it with. I had a quick chat with the gentleman who lives in the Lock Cottage next to one of the Cassiobury pair and then it was back to the boat to get some boat work done. Sunday's has become boat cleaning day. So the generator went on and the hoover came out. Because Pad moults all year round, using the hoover once a week, is an excellent way of getting up all his hair. I do use a dustpan and brush in the week, but the hoover does a much better job. The floors got a wash and the surfaces cleaned down, this proved to be a wise move as you will discover late. I then bailed out the front locker, which had an inch and half of water in it. One of our outlet bungs is leaking, so I have to keep a check on how much water is getting in. It will not be a problem once we have sold some coal, because the outlets will then be above the water, at the moment they are below water and we choose to put wooden wedges in to keep the water out or not as in this case. With all that done it was then time for lunch, so I made us some salad and chicken wraps, which were nice on a very warm day.
Over the last couple of day's, I have heard a chick calling its parents and was pretty sure it was a Buzzard chick, but could not see it. So after lunch, I took my camera and tripod into the woods and went on the hunt of the call. I felt like an intrepid adventurer in the woods, but it was a little disconcerting listening to all the creaking and crackling going on. I finally found the source of the calling and it was indeed a Buzzard chick calling, but I could not get a decent photograph of it, because it was to high up in the tree's. I followed the call through the woods for over half an hour and never once got a decent photograph opportunity, which was a real shame. I felt deflated that I did not get a photo, but at least I knew for definite what was making all the noise. I was a woman on a mission, who was now satisfied.
As I got back to the boat, I was informed by my much better half that we were going to have visitors in a few minutes. His sister and her husband were coming along the towpath to come and say hello. We have not seen V & T for a couple of years, so it was lovely to welcome them onboard. I made us all a coffee and got the biscuits out. We only really have biscuits when visitors comes a calling, so it was an honour. Before we knew it three hours had flown past and they had to leave and Pad needed his walk. So we said our goodbyes and they headed back down the towpath to their car and hubby took Pad for his evening walk. I had to start the generator up and then decide on something for dinner. We ended up having Sardines on toast with a beer. I know not a normal sort of combination, but the beer washed the toast down nicely.
Because there had been a lot of boats moving, we were on the tilt, which was not great, because I would be sleeping with my head lying downwards, so we untied the boat, started the engine and moved the boat away from the edge and got us back on an even keel. This meant we were now a foot away from the bank, but there was nothing we could do about it. So Sunday was all done and dusted. It was a really great weekend.

This morning (Monday) was yet another beautiful morning. We set off at 9.30am to head for Kings Langley and encountered our first issue at the Cassiobury pair of locks. One of the bottom gates on the second lock would not close properly despite me opening and shutting it a few times. K even tried to close it with the boat. In the end we flushed the entrance and after some pushing, it finally closed. At this point a boat was coming down the canal to use the lock after us, so I let the lady know that it was better not to use that side of the lock, and I would report the problem to British Waterways, which is what I did when we got to Grove Mill. Two BW guys were on a work boat, so I let them know the problem and at which lock. I hope they sorted it out, because it was going to be a problem for any of the widebeams.
It was not long before we were at North Grove Lock, which as this devine lock cottage. Each time we come this way, I keep meaning to take a photograph, and never get the chance, so today I made sure I got the photograph below.
Having enjoyed a lovely cruise we arrived at King's Langley lock and I made a new friend. She was a little Black and White cat, who was in a very cuddly mood. I reckoned she came off of one of the boats, because she was soon on our bow and walking up the gunwale. As we left the lock, I lifted her back onto the towpath and said cheerio to her, as I do not think that Marmite will be to impressed that i have been playing with another moggy. We are now moored in a deep water mooring opposite Toovey's Mill Race, Kings Langley, having cruised for 3.45 miles, I did 8 locks, in 3hrs.
As we settled down for some lunch, I noticed this young Heron opposite the boat. It looks like it is walking the high wire. I wonder what it is thinking?
After lunch, we walked up into Kings Langley. It is somewhere between a large village and a small town. There are a few shops, which includes a Butchers, Spar shop, Pet shop, Hairdressers, Laundrette and other little shops. There is a pretty little church, a couple of pubs and a Fish and Chip shop, so really everything you need.
We plan to stay here overnight and then hopefully move on tomorrow. At the moment, we have the doors and side windows open as it is rather warm out at the moment. I now have to decide that to have for dinner, so goodbye for now.

P.S Happy birthday to N, he is 27 years young today. Love and hugssssss xxxxx

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