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Saturday 30 March 2013

Uxbridge to Black Jack’s Lock, Harefield.

Map picture

Travelled 4.4 miles, worked 4 locks in a time of 2 hours 25 minutes.


Well that was it the last few hours in dry dock. It was official because we have the mug to prove it.

Up at 7am to make sure we were ready to be re-floated. I took Paddy across to the park for his walk and said “Goodbye” to the geese.


The park is fantastic and this morning it was just Paddy and I and a couple of other dog walkers.


Back on the boat, we did the final jobs and then at 8.10am the dock was being filled with water.


A week had certainly flown by and yet we had got plenty done. Not all of the paint jobs were done, but we were pleased with the work achieved. It did not take long to fill the dock and we were pulled out.


Unfortunately when Keith started the engine it would only run on one cylinder, so we had to crawl to just before the Swan & Bottle, where we pulled in and whilst I held the boat on the centre line Keith had to strip down the engine to bleed the air out of the same injector pump. We obviously have a problem with air very slowly getting into that pump, so at some point we will have to check all the pipe connections etc, are done up tight. Yet another job that needs sorting.


Once the engine was running on both cylinders we were soon up through Uxbridge Lock and on our way to Denham Deep Lock.



We were very fortunate with the weather, whilst it was cold it was sunny and just perfect for cruising.


We arrived above Black Jack’s Lock at 10.55am, locked the boat up and walked up to see Keith’s sister and her husband who live in Harefield. We spent the whole afternoon with them chin wagging over lunch and coffee, it was wonderful to catch up with them and as you do put the world to right.


Hadar moored above Black Jacks lock and mill, a very picturesque spot. Black Jack's Mill is a Victorian property on the bank of the Grand Union Canal, and there has been a mill on site since being recorded in the Domesday Book. Doctor Who was filmed here in July 1988.

Having spent a lovely time at Keith’s sisters, we walked back to the boat, where I made us some dinner, fed the animals and then put my feet up before bed time.

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