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Monday 3 February 2014

Day 22.

I had a pretty good nights sleep. I went to bed at 10 pm and slept until 4.30 am. I lay awake till 5 am when I got up and made myself a cup of tea. As I sat in bed enjoying my first cuppa of the day, I could hear a Fox calling close by. I know we have Foxes here as they have been seen (not by me) on the opposite bank. The dawn chorus was also getting its voice. It was such a wonderful way to begin my Monday. Marmite came and said “Good Morning” as she crept beneath the duvet to get warm. I did not bother relighting the back cabin stove last night, so the cabin was a tad chilly. Tea drunk, it was time to get up at 6 am and to begin my day.

I had a list in my head of the things I wanted to get done.

1. Fill the kindling bucket.

2. Fill the coal box in the back cabin.

3. Fill the coal bucket and stoke the saloon stove.

4. Walk Paddy and fed him and Marmite.

5. Feed myself

All of these things got done before I caught the bus into Warwick to get Keith a few things.

Today Keith was not so good and I knew it no sooner I saw his face. I did manage to speak to the Naval Surgeon and he is not worried about the amount of bile Keith is discharging, so that is good. However Keith was feeling hot, but felt cold and was sweating so as a precaution they have put him back on the antibiotic Amoxicillin 625 mg three times a day and still have him down as Sepsis. Keith went for an Ultrasound this afternoon, to see if the drain needs moving or it is not doing its job. I will know what they think tomorrow hopefully. Keith ate breakfast, but was not allowed lunch due to the scan, so I hope he manages something for tea, but he was feeling very yuck. Another step back after a few steps forward. In himself he just does not feel right. I managed to give him a wash and a shave this morning, but that did him in. They have him down for Wednesday home, but it looks like he may miss another Discharge date.

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