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Thursday 6 February 2014

Day 25.

We are creeping ever closer to 1 month and hopefully my darling man will be coming home soon.

After a rock and roll night, this morning was peaceful and bright, but it is the lull before the next storm. I really feel for all those people who are flooded out, or have had to leave their homes due to the possibility of damage. It makes our problems seem so small.

I slept somewhat better last night, having gone to bed at 9.50 pm, I woke again at 12.30 am, but managed to get back off to sleep until 6 am. I think I may have slept longer, but Marmite was wriggling on my pillow, so she disturbed me. Once up it was a chance to make a Shepherds pie for my dinner, because eating at the hospital, could cost me a fortune if I do it to much. Yesterday I had their Chicken Tikka which was very scrummy. So Shepherds pie on the go, I put it on the saloon stove to cook all day nice and slowly, the potatoes would be added later. Paddy was then walked and he and Marmite got fed. I made my breakfast and the first cuppa of the day. I like to have the news on in the back ground, to catch up on all the latest. It gives Keith and I something to chat about when I go in.

Having not really done much boat work over the past week, the hoover came out and the dog hair and dust was hoovered away. I do so love it when it looks clean and tidy. I got a bag of coal out of the hold and got the saloon stove stoked up for the day. With jobs all done there was time for a coffee and I packed my bag for the day, remembering to add some coffee and a brush for Keith. Everyday I come home with a list for things Keith needs and I always remember to leave the list out where I can see it for the following morning. If I am really organised I add the things to the bag the same evening.

Time to head to the hospital, this morning I walked as it was dry. Nothing really to report, he was looking rather peaky, after a difficult night due to pain and his neighbour kept everyone awake. He saw the doctors this morning and they are keeping a close eye on him. He has been getting pain, which they say is healing pain, but he needs Liquid Morphine to cope with it. I walked him to the bathroom and got him ready for the day. Keith could probably do it himself, but he would then be worn out for the day ahead. I got told by the nursing staff that there is Norovirus in the hospital again, so there is restricted vising again grrrrr, so I will not be seeing that much of him until the restrictions are lifted, which I hope will be quick. I am going to find it hard not seeing him in the mornings, but I do not want him catchinhg the Norovirus and so it is important to stick to the restrictions. He is eating well, which is a good sign, he had a chicken curry for lunch and really enjoyed it. More importantly it did not upset his tumm, which he is chuffed about because he loves his curry. Tomorrow I will see him, but not like I usually do and that will be hard for me. xx

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