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Sunday 9 February 2014

Day 28.

What a dreadful night. The wind was blowing a hooley and the rain was lashing down at times as well. I had taken Nytol to help me get to sleep and they did absolutely nothing to help. Maybe it was because of the weather outside, or maybe they just do not work. It meant I had an awful nights sleep, waking up every hour for the first few hours. I got so fed up I got up and made myself a cup of tea and went back to bed. I then fell asleep with Marmite beneath the duvet and woke up at 7 am. The wind was still blowing, but thankfully the rain had stopped. I could have quite happily have stayed in bed, but with another day at the hospital calling, I had to get up. Not only that Marmite was making it known she wanted her breakfast and I know Paddy cannot cross his legs all day. So up and dressed, I folded the bed away and started my day with toast for breakfast. Paddy then got walked and the fire stoked. With mog and dog fed, it was then time to get myself organised for the trip to the hospital. I think if I closed my eyes, I could get there without even looking now. I had thought of catching the bus, but the service is not great on a Sunday, so I walked which left me with a blister on my right heel. My new walking boots are extremely comfortable, but for the new blister. Still I put a blister pad on and everything is hunky dory again.

Another pretty good day. Keith was very chipper and had a couple of short walks and a spell in the day room to see some of the Winter Olympics. According to his notes they have written up the Gentamicin for 12 days as from the 7th Feb, which seems to have upset the pharmacist, he is also on the Tazocin for 14 days. It seems that the Gentamicin should only be used for 5 consecutive days and therefore the pharmacist wants the doctors to go back to the microbiologist if they want to use the Gentamicin past the 5 days. I know it is very toxic, they call it the domestos of the antibiotic world so they are keeping a close eye on Keith's renal levels every 2 days. He certainly seems to have picked up since they started him back on both these antibiotics. He has an appetite now and enjoyed his roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, cabbage and roast parsnips today. It was a pleasure to sit there and watch him tuck into his lunch. Keith’s sense of humour has remained throughout this ordeal of his Gallbladder bursting, I really do not know how though, because he has been through so much.

I hope that this coming week will give us an idea as to how things are going to carry on improving from now on.

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