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Monday 17 February 2014

Day 36.

I know that my blog readers probably popped in yesterday for an update. I apologise for not posting, but there was little to post about.

I have decided only to post when there is something to tell you, so please do not worry if there is nothing written.

Today’s Update. Keith was not so good again today. I think the Cholangiography, which will be done this week will be very important, because I think they are worried the bile is not reaching his bowel properly. This could be due to a stone blocking the tube, or a restriction, or it could be just be all the bile is heading into the bag, but from speaking to Phil the doctor he would expect some of the bile to be reaching the bowel by now. If there is no issue when they do the test they may cap off the tube into the bag and see what happens then. So time will tell. Keith is quite weak and down today as he does not feel hungry and has not had breakfast and only a couple of forkfuls of his lunch, which is not great. Here's hoping tomorrow is better. xxxx

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