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Saturday 22 February 2014

Days 40 and 41

Friday Day 40 and I slept well last night, which was wonderful. I think it helped having dinner out with Val and Terry and a nice pint of Ruddles at Wetherspoon’s.

Up early and jobs done, I went off to the hospital as usual. I think I could probably walk the route with my eyes closed now.

Keith had had a couple of dizzy spells and had to be helped back to his bed. Over night he had his last antibiotic and then went on to have the shivers and shakes again, which is not what he needs right now. Once he was feeling better, we headed off to the bathroom to do his wash and shave. Even this task wears Keith out.

Every day I look at his charts and it showed his temperature was 37.4c  in the morning and in the afternoon it went up to 37.6c. It has to be hoped it does not continue upwards. During the morning one of the doctors came to take Keith’s blood, but despite four attempts in different places, Keith was not giving his blood to anyone, so Tom the doctor said he would return later for another go, but during the afternoon another doctor arrived and he took blood from Keith’s groin, which worked perfectly. They are checking his bloods to see if the levels change, which may suggest his infection has not gone away. They are due to do it again on Sunday.

Keith managed to quite a bit of his lunch and the yogurt I had taken in for him, so that as an improvement. He felt well enough to walk into the day room to watch the Curling men’s final which we sadly lost, but still we came home with a Silver medal. All this excitement wore Keith out and so it was back to bed. I left Keith ready for a snooze. The walk back was done in  Wintery sunshine, but even the sunshine does not make the hill any better. Back at the boat, I got the coal in for the night, checked the post box, but nothing for us and then fed mog and dog. After something for dinner, I settled in to watch the TV, which included Wales v France. Wales hammered France. It was then away to my bed, where Marmite had already found her spot for the night on Keith’s side of the bed.

Saturday Day 41.

Sleep was difficult, I had so many things running around in my head, that I kept waking up, so at 2 am I was sat up in bed drinking a cuppa, whilst Marmite lounged by my side. I hate this non sleeping lark, but I know it will get better once Keith comes home.

I was up just after 5 am drinking yet more tea, and thinking about what I was going to do before heading to the hospital. I pottered around the boat until 7 am, I then went and fed the birds, because Mr Robin was sat waiting for his breakfast. Every morning he waits for me to feed him.


He is a scruffy little fellow, so he needs feeding up to get his feathers in better condition. Birds fed, Paddy got his walk and was then fed along side Marmite. I then made myself some toast for my breakfast. It is clear to see the pecking order on our boat when the animals get fed first ha ha ha. 8 am I got the hosepipes out of the lockup and filled the water tank. I have not used much water over the past fortnight, but I like to keep the tank topped up, so whilst the tank filled, I stood on the bow and enjoyed the peace of the arm and listening to the bird song and the traffic noise which was building. With the sun shining, it felt so mild and as if Spring is on its way. Some of the bulbs we planted in November have begun to flower, so we have Snowdrops and Daffodils out and Crocus beginning to flower. Photos will follow.

With all the jobs done on the boat, it was time to walk the walk to the hospital.

Keith was suffering from a sore throat, which was not good, but hopefully it will not make him feel to poorly. The nurses are allowing him to suck throat sweets to help with the soreness. He did eat most of his dinner and the yogurt I took in for him, which was great. His blood tests which were done yesterday showed Keith has low Potassium, so they are giving him a supplement. We sat in the day room and watched some of the Winter Olympics, but Keith found sitting to much so it was back to his bed.

Monday’s Discharge Day is still on.

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