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Thursday 13 March 2014

A Good Day for Jobs.

We woke up as usual early doors, so I got up and made a cup of rosy lee and Keith put the TV on, so we could watch the GB Curling Team beat USA. Blimey it was nail biting.

Once up, Paddy got walked and then he and Marmite got fed. I then made up the saloon stove. The back cabin stove has not been lit for a few days now as it has been to warm. Because we sleep in the back cabin, neither of us like it to hot. After getting the jobs inside the boat done, I left Keith watching the Para Winter Olympics and I got on with tidying the hold and out lockup. I want to shovel some lose house coal into sacks, but will leave that for another day, because it is going to be a messy and noisy job. Whilst I stopped for coffee, Mr Parcel Force delivered my 50 litre bag of compost, so let the potting begin.

Before lunch, Keith took a stroll up to Sainsbury to buy some herbs for our herb pots.


When we are on the move, I never get the chance to use fresh herbs, but now we have our own mooring, I can have my very own herb planter and use them when ever I like.

Lunch was Chilli Con Carne and Rice and for pudding we had Cheese cake with Pineapple and Ice Cream. I have to say it was all really yummy. Lunch over with, it was time to put the herbs into my herb planter.

Herbs planted

Because the pots were over flowing with herbs, I actually split the plants and re-potted them, so I have double the amount of pots. The planter trays only cost me £1 each from The Original Factory Shop. I have another four ready for strawberry plants when they arrive.

potato bag

I then planted some potato’s in a sack and the remainder of the seed potato’s I put in a rough part of the garden where the soil needs breaking down and growing potato’s is very good at doing this. So we should have some yummy new potato’s this year.

I also wanted to grow some flower from seed this year and so yesterday I bought a couple of cheap seed propagators also from The Original Factory Shop.


Using the compost which arrived this morning, I have planted Nemesia, Golden Rod and Antirrhinum for starters. I have also put in two sorts of Runner Beans. Painted Lady and White Lady, so looking forward to lots of lovely beans this Summer. So I have my fingers crossed they all sprout. I have lots of other seeds, which can go straight into the garden. I always loved gardening, but never really missed it whilst we were continuously cruising. Since having our home mooring and a lovely garden, I have really got the gardening bug again and because we will not be moving this year, due to Keith needing to get his strength back and sort his health out, I am going to be spending a lot of time in the garden this year.

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