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Thursday 6 March 2014

Rain stopped play.

There was I hoping to get on with my digging and weeding today, only to wake up to the sound of the rain pounding down on the roof in the back cabin. So no digging or weeding today, because the ground was just to wet.

So having enjoyed a cuppa and toast in bed with my darling man, it was time to get on with the day. I relit the back cabin stove first, this was before I even got dressed Smile.

All dressed, I took Paddy for his walk, he then got fed along with Marmite, who is always very vocal when it comes to getting her food.

Keith then got up, so I packed away the bed and checked on the fire.

We were in need of bread and cheese, so I left Keith playing on his laptop and I walked up to Sainsbury to get bread, cheese, toffee yogurts (Keith loves them at the moment) and some Lemon for Pancakes. I know they are late, but we did not fancy them on Shove Tuesday. Back at the boat I stowed the goodies away and then took five minutes out to take a breather. The rest of the day was spent doing very little, which makes a nice change for me. Keith did go off for a little walk, helping to build up his stamina, which has been knocked since his major operation. I think it is going to take many weeks before he is back to his normal self. Still with us not moving this year, he has plenty of time.

During the afternoon, I spent some time photographing the birds who had visited our bird feeders today. You can see the photographs in my Canal Flora and Fauna blog.


Last night we had the most amazing sunset. I loved the lines across the sky.

Some of you may know I have been interested in having a charm bracelet, but not the old school bracelet, I did that in the 70’s and even then I found the charms caught in my clothing, so this time I thought I would go for either Pandora or Troll. After discussions with friends on what they have I went for the Trollbeads bracelet. I managed to buy a bracelet and lock on Ebay and then it was time to look for beads. A  jewellery store in the town was selling off some of their glass beads for £5 each, they are practice beads, which would do me nicely as a starter. I then saw a couple of charms on Ebay which were in the auction, so I kept my beady eye on them.

Best friend charm

Solid Silver Best Friends charm, which I love.

J Charm

Solid Silver letter J, after all my name is Jo. Now I am looking for a letter K and a heart charm. I was so chuffed to get these charms and I only paid £4 each for them. At the moment they retail for around £23, so I think I got a bargain.

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