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Saturday 29 March 2014

Thunderstorm and tea.


Blimey yesterday was a shocker. There was nothing in the forecast about a thunderstorm, but come the afternoon the sky turn as black as your hat and then the thunder and lightening began. At one point it was over head and poor Paddy almost jumped out of his skin when the biggest boom went off. The boat certainly shock.


The thunder and lightening subsided and the rain was followed by hailstones which rattled on the roof and the pontoon. Late yesterday afternoon, in fact it was 6 pm when a boat came down the arm with its hooter blowing. I was walking paddy when I looked over the hedge and saw The Milly M coming in with Maffi and Molly. having directed Maffi to the visitor moorings, I said I would put the kettle on if he would like a warm cuppa. Maffi had come down the Hatton flight in the thunderstorm, so was a tad wet and cold. We spent a lovely evening nattering about all sorts of things. It was so wonderful to see him again as it had been quite sometime since we had seen him.

This morning (Saturday), the sun was shining and the birds were singing. We sat in bed and watched the start of the F1 qualifying from Malaysia, before getting up and watching the remained of the qualifying in the saloon. I got on with making us something for lunch. Chicken and vegetable casserole and dumplings went in the oven. At 10 am we went out and pottered in the garden for a while. Maffi turned up, he was having a problem with the washing machines, so I offered to go and give him a hand. After sorting out the machines I made us all a cuppa and we sat out on the pontoon in the morning sunshine.


Paddy clearly enjoyed having someone else to pet him and Maffi had found a new friend. I think we managed to have a conversation where toilets did not get mentioned or spoken about which makes a change for boaters.


Marmite was loving the sunshine and the basket which is being used as a planter.


She even found it useful to lean against to soak up the sunshine.


Keith enjoyed pottering around in the garden. He did some weeding and collected some stones for the rockery. All in all it has been a fabulous day.

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