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Monday 10 March 2014

Sunny weekend and hospital appointment

Spring looks to have sprung and so it was time to continue with the garden.


Whilst I got on with more weeding and digging, Keith sat and relaxed and soaked up some of the warm sunshine, which we have all been waiting for.


Paddy and Marmite were even allowed out. Paddy cannot get used to the fact that he is allowed to sit out on the pontoon and we do not call him back. Because it is our own private pontoon he has the run of it and so can enjoy being outside without being duffed up by other dogs. The only one doing the duffing up is Marmite.


Marmite wants to climb out of the garden, but there is no way we are allowing her off her lead when she is outside, because she will either get squashed by the cars on the busy road, or drown.

On Sunday the power was due to be switched off for a few hours, so Saturday evening I decided to get our washing done, so I could hang it out first thing on Sunday morning. I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine forecast. So with Saturday done and dusted, I was looking forward to a good nights sleep.

Sunday morning we woke to sunshine and so it was up early to hang out the washing I had done the night before. I then got on with sorting the boat chores out and walking Paddy, whilst Keith lounged in bed for a bit longer. Once he was up and dressed, we got on with the day which meant more digging and weeding for me and more relaxing for Keith. During the afternoon we did put up our Parasol, which Keith managed to fix. The thought of having to send it back just was a step to far for us both at this time and it was easily fixed with some cherry timber, wood glue and screws. I managed to finish the weeding before 3 pm, so we sat and watched England beat Wales in the Rugby and then it was time for tea and an evening watching Dancing on Ice. Whooo haaaa to Ray Quinn who won the final series.

Monday morning arrived after a great nights sleep. It was hospital day for Keith’s Liver function blood test. We left the boat at 10 am and caught the bus on a day rider ticket. The first bus took us to the bus station, where we caught the next bus to the hospital. On arrival, we went into the day room and put the TV on to watch the Para-Olympics, I then let the ward clerk know we were there and although Keith’s appointment was for 11 am Dr Collins (Tom) saw us at 10.45 am. Dr Collins managed to get just enough blood for the test. We are pretty sure no sooner Keith’s veins are shown the needle they go into hiding, but anyway the blood test was done and we were asked to wait around for the results, so we decided we would have lunch in the hospital canteen. Keith had the chilli and I had pizza and chips. Back up in the Willoughby Day room, the TV went back on to continue our viewing of the Olympics. What an amazing day a god and bronze medal to our skiers and our curling team also won. Finally at 2.15 pm Dr Collins came and gave us the results of the test and they were looking good. So now Keith has to wait for an appointment to have his t-tube removed. We have to arrange another blood test for two days before his hospital appointment to check his Liver function again, but we cannot do any of that until his appointment arrives. Keith was well and truly pooped by the time we got the buses back to the boat. It had been a long day for him.

Back at the arm we called into the office to buy a couple of magnums because Keith fancied an ice cream and then once back on the boat, I relit the stove in the saloon and made us a coffee. There was a knock on the boat and a delivery man was manhandling a very large box towards me. My new garden chairs had been delivered and very nice they look too.

So all in all a great weekend and a good start to a new week.

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