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Wednesday 19 March 2014

On the mend.

It has been a busy couple of days for us and particularly me. After helping out with the work party on the Saturday, I carried on with working on the rose bed on the Sunday. Ian who looks after the grounds in the arm and does all the maintenance went and got me some bark chippings. These were put around the roses and spread across the bed to help keep the weeds down.


Having worked on the rose bed, I then turned my attention to the wildflower bed, which needed some weeding, because there were not many wildflowers in it, but hopefully that will change this year, because I have scattered some new wildflower seeds, so I will have my fingers crossed that they come to something.


Monday was a day off for me from gardening, but I did walk down to Torry’s the Hardware Store. I wanted some bean canes for the Runner Beans I am going to have in the garden this year. The poles were 50 pence each, which I did not think was unfair and they will last me year on year. I also got some flexible wood filler and a new mooring ring for our mooring, because Keith wants to add a couple of tyres to our pontoon instead of using our rope fenders.

The rest of Monday was spent doing some washing and a general tidy up. Tuesday was a quiet affair for me in many ways. I did the usual boat chores and then rubbed down the bathroom ceiling as you do. I wanted to fill in the grooves between the tongue and groove boards, so with the filler I bought from the hardware store, I filled the grooves in the ceiling and then waited for it to dry, which was not long because the radiator was lovely and warm. Once the filler had dried, I rubbed it down and then put the first coat of White paint on it. I am not a huge lover of the smell of paint, because it sometimes give me a sore throat, but I would have to put up with it.

Today Wednesday was a earlier start, because Keith had a GP’s appointment at 8.50 am. We left the boat early to give him time to take a steady walk up to the doctors. We now know that Keith lost 3 stone in weight whilst in hospital, but I he has put a bit back on which is great news, because he was skin and bone, which is not a nice look. After leaving the GP, we walked into town to get Keith’s prescriptions and had a coffee, whilst we waited for his medication to be put up. With nothing further needed in the town we then walked back to the boat, which was Keith’s longest walk so far.

Back on the boat, I sorted out some lunch. I then did another coat of paint on the bathroom ceiling. Whilst working on the celing there was a knock on the boat. It was a delivery man and he had come to deliver our mattress for the back cabin.


After lunch I set about swapping our old mattress for our nice new one. The mattress for the back cabin bed comes in three pieces to make it easier to store it away in the cupboard. The mattress looks fantastic, so Thanks to Foam for Comfort, we should now both get a good nights sleep.

In the post this morning were my Strawberry plants which I bought off of Ebay, so they got planted out and when I checked my propagators my Runner Beans are showing through the compost wooo hooo I have not lost my touch.


I normally only do one wash a week, but with a brand new mattress I rewashed the sheet, duvet, pillowcases and mattress protector, which I then hung out on the line to blow in the breeze for a couple of hours. There is nothing nicer than seeing washing blowing in the breeze. So a busy few days, but all so worth it.

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