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Monday 3 October 2016

Alvecote to Tamworth to Tamhorn Farm Bridge moorings.

Hi Folks.
An absolutely stunning start to the day today, with mist rolling along the surface of the cut. The air was a tad chilly, so I relit the back cabin stove ready for when we set off. I like to get the kettle on the go early.
Paddy and I walked over to the Benedictine Priory, where it was still misty.
I do so love this place. The story behind it is well worth a read.
Back at the boat, it was the animals breakfast time, before we set off at 9.15 am. The plan was to see if we could stop above Glascote Locks.
We were amazed when we got there to find not a boat in sight. So we moored up, I did a quick change of clothes before we locked the boat off and walked into Tamworth.
It was a pleasant walk through park land before arriving below the Castle.
We had been to Tamworth before by bus from Hopwas.
Tamworth piggy in the market place.
Tamworth is a lovely town, which like so many towns there are a number of shops empty, but it has a wonderful feel about the town.
We had a lovely wander around the town, picking up a few items which included 2lb of mince beef for £3.99, which is a bargain and is now in our freezer ready for use in the future. We had an early lunch at The Phoenix pub. Keith and I both had a breakfast with a cup of tea. We can totally recommend this pub, the food was fantastic.
Having enjoyed our Tamworth visit, we set off back to the boat where we untied and headed off down the locks. Whilst on the move, we were flagged down by a gentleman who wanted a couple of bags of coal. The thing I noticed most about this very polite elderly man was his very shiny boots. They looked like military boots, which made me think he was probably previously in the services and he still lives his life to a high standard. What a gentleman he was.
We enjoyed the rest of our cruising day in beautiful warm sunshine. Our mooring is at Tamhorn Farm Bridge for the night.


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