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Sunday 30 October 2016

Life moves on.

Hi Folks.

We have been home since Friday morning and already I have been so very busy. Friday I really just got the boat straight again, and put things back where they should be. The hoover came out, which was so needed, because Paddy bless him moults all the time. I actually felt really pleased with what I had gotten done.

Yesterday (Saturday), was a day of doing the laundry in the Saltisford Arm Laundry Room, which has almost recovered from the fire we had a few months ago. The only thing to be done now is for the redecoration to take place. Anyway washing was done and hung out to dry, this turned out to be not such a great idea, because there was no wind and low cloud all day. I ended up turning the back cabin into a Chinese laundry, later in the afternoon. After lunch, we had coffee with our good friends Dawne and Stuart on NB Teazle, who always come into the Arm for the Winter months. It was fabulous to have a good old chinwag and a catch-up over tea and biscuits. I know over the Winter we will have many more days of chatting. Little else was done yesterday, because once we arrived back at the boat, it was time to watch a film or two and then the F1 qualifying.

Clocks turned back an hour, this morning (Sunday) began as yesterday had begun with low cloud and still. Today was the day I would get lots done and the jobs began with the sealing of the saloon chimney collar, which I had noticed had its sealant curling up, so the only way to cure that was to replace it. That job was soon put to bed and it was onto the next one before coffee at 10 am. I wanted to sort out the remaining coal in the hold. I wanted to put a stash of it in our bunker, but before I could do this the bunker needed clearing out, this was a great chance to get rid of rubbish and those things I thought I would need, but have never used. Whilst clearing out the bunker, I had company.
This Mallard is one of the Arms youngsters and she is very friendly. Apparently she has been in the shop and office and she has also been on Dawne and Stuarts boat. Yesterday she introduced herself to me, by pecking at my shoes, today she was clearly wanting to help me with moving coal.
I have named her Geraldine. She inspected the bunker whilst I was unloading coal from the hold.
I think I got her approval, as she left behind a present. I reckon I will be seeing more of her over this Winter.
I stowed away 24 bags of coal in the bunker and then turned my attention to the hold itself. Keith came and helped me in the hold and we moved 65, 20 kg bags of coal towards the fore end to bring the bow down a bit and then stacked the remained of the 25 kg bags towards the stern of the hold. I then swept the hold out and moved our storage boxes around to make it easier to get into the hold.
The title of this posting is life moves on and that is because we are no longer going to sell coal. I have a couple of health issues going on. I was diagnosed with a Hiatus Hernia and Costochondritis, which is inflammation of the ribs and sternum cartilage. Humping coal around is making these conditions worse, so I have stopped selling coal as of Friday. The plan for the hold is one that will keep Keith very busy, he is going to build his railway layout in the hold eventually, but before that can happen we need to burn the coal, clean and paint the hold out. The main task will be to line the hold out making a room and then he can begin building his layout. So when one door closes another opens of course and for me I am going to use my photographs. I am going to make cards etc, so watch this space for further updates on our new ventures.

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