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Saturday 1 October 2016

Charity Dock to Hartshill Yard.

Hi Folks.
We had a lovely evening. Marmite and Paddy played on the towpath until it got a td to chilly, so we closed the boat up and put the DVD on. First DVD was 'Arn the Knights Templar', which was very good, but the best film of the evening was Mel Gibson in 'The man with no face' made in 1993. Excellent film and in my opinion well worth the watch. Mel Gibson plays a disfigured teacher who coaches Charles (Chuck), who wants to leave home to go to boarding school, but has found it hard to make the grade. It is an emotional journey for them both. I really enjoyed the film.
We both slept like babies again, but were awake at 6.35 am, so I got up and made us a cuppa. I was woken by Marmite, who wanted to get warm, so she tried to find  warm spot on top of me, which was fine but she just could not settle, so that was it I was awake.
Once up, I relit the back cabin stove, to get the kettle on and to get some heat in the cabin, which was feeling distinctly chilly and damp.
Having opened the back cabin doors to take Paddy out for his walk, it was clear it was a foggy old start to the morning.
Cracking start to the morning, with mist on the canal and a lovely sunrise. There is nothing more wonderful than a misty start to the day. It makes the cut seem so mystical and magic.
Pylons in the mist.
We left our overnight mooring at 9.05 am with the sun out and heading towards Charity Dock, which always makes me smile.
The Statues are always comical. It appears the Stig has found a new job, working at the dock.
I reckon the boat yard is full of wonderful treasures as well as boat junk. We passed on through the home of the allotments, Bedworth and Nuneaton. There are plots of all sizes and varying amounts of veg being grown.
My all time favourite telegraph pole. Something tells me this is probably the most photographed one in the country.
It will be a sad day when it falls down.
Our day has ended early at Hartshill Yard, because the rain set in and as we are not in a hurry, we saw no point in getting soaked. So with the back stove lit and lunch cooking, we will settle in for the day.


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