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Sunday 2 October 2016

Hartshill to The Samuel Barlow, Alvecote.

Hi Folks.

After the rest of our day yesterday was a washout, we enjoyed a good nights sleep, despite a device making a racket at a business by the canal. We woke up at around 6.30 am, so as usual I put the kettle on and we sat in bed listening to the birdsong and the sound of this device at a canal side business.
Up at 7.20 am, I relit the back cabin stove, because it was once again a tad chilly and I knew I wanted to cook a Spagetti Bolognaise.
Paddy got his walk towards the Hartshill C&RT yard.
This sign says it all, but still people do not read or listen, because there was dog poo along the towpath. We had to clear it when we moored up yesterday. It is sad people do not clear up after their dogs.
The yard looks lovely in the early morning sunshine. I do not think I have ever seen the clock at the correct time. I wonder if it actually still works?
We left the mooring at 8.25 am with the early morning sunshine warming the air and our bones.
The cruising was peaceful and nothing else was on the move until we reached the top of the Atherstone flight, where everyone was on the move and so we were in a queue. One boat was heading for the locks, and the second was going to the water point, or so we thought. As we came through the bridge 'ole, they changed their mind. Apparently they thought they could get a pump out and then realised they could not, so reversed in front of us to join the queue. Because we had been second in the queue they allowed us past, which was jolly decent of them, I was quite happy for them to carry on in front of us. We were taken down their first five locks by the lock volunteers, who were helping the single hander down in front of us, which was great, because it kept us all moving.
After the first five locks, the lock volunteer left us to it, and so I helped the single hander down the next couple of locks, where he decided that he would allow us on our way. He said "I am just dawdling, and you have somewhere to be, so please go ahead". He was lovely and it was an absolute pleasure to help him out. We had met him earlier in the year in Stone, although I do not think he recognised me.
At the last lock, we met up with Anne and Graham on Jeanie Deans, who we know from Market Harborough and they have been into the Saltisford Arm this year, so it was nice to say "Hello" again, before we all head in our separate ways. We said our goodbyes and headed down the last lock and on are way past Grendon Dock.
Dane is looking splendid after the restoration. Narrowboat Dane, was successfully craned back into the water on 6th August 2016 at Alvecote Marina, following four years’ work at Alvecote.
Autumn colours are beginning to show, which is much later than last year.
We stopped at The Samuel Barlow, Alvecote at 1.20 pm and decided a pint was called for, so locked the boat up and headed for the bar, whilst the Spagetti Bolognaise continued to cook. It has been another interesting days boating and we are definitely enjoying being out again.


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