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Wednesday 5 October 2016


Hi Folks.

The title of this post say's it all when you are a boater.
What is that I hear you cry.
It is guaranteed, that the gas will run out when it is pitch dark out, and you want a cup of tea. This is what happened last night. Went to make the last cuppa of the day, and the gas ran out midway through boiling the kettle. I donned my slippers and went down to the bow, unlocked the locker and switched the gas bottles over. Back on board I turned the stove on, only for the kettle to make a quick sound and then die. The gas had died again. I knew it was a new gas bottle, so had no idea what was going on, so Keith came out with me and we swapped our gas bottles around as we carry three bottles. Finally we had gas and our cuppa, before going to bed. When we get back to our home mooring we will have to investigate as to why the gas did not get through. I suspect it is either faulty bottle or a blockage somewhere. Anyway all sorted for now.

This morning it was a tad chilly yet again and blowing a bit outside. As is normal at the moment, I relit the back cabin stove to get the kettle on and having got dressed I took Paddy for his walk up to the junction, which was basking in the early morning sunshine.
After we had all had our breakfast and we had done some jobs on the boat. Keith and I gathered our cameras, locked up the boat and headed off up the towpath. Our destination was Kingfisher Pools.
It is a fabulous place with a lovely round the pool walk.
There is a brilliant hide, which is where we sat to watch for the Kingfisher, who we had spotted whilst walking around the pool.
Unfortunately the Kingfisher was over on the other side of the pool, but we did watch it catch a couple of fish, which was fantastic. The Kingfisher is such an amazing and majestic little bird.
Not only is there some lovely wildlife around the pool, the Fungi were out in all their glory. There are different walks and one of them takes you to their bug hotel.
It is not as good as the one we have in the Arm, but still it is home to lots of beasties. We had a wonderful couple of hours, before walking to the cafĂ© for a pot of tea, which was good value for money. £2.50 for a large pot of tea, which did three cups of tea each.
After such a lovely walk, we headed back to the boat for Mushrooms on Toast for lunch and then a relaxing afternoon. Keith worked on the saloon stove chimney and I did very little, which makes a nice change.
Tomorrow we will be on the move again.



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