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Saturday 22 October 2016

New Territory.

Hi Folks.

What a stunning sunset we had last night at Curdworth. It was so calm and later on really clear, with stars shining in the night sky.
Because of the stillness of last night, this morning we were treated to a foggy start, with the sun coming up.

Our morning began at 5.10 am, so a cuppa was much needed before we settled down again for another hour. When we did get up, I went walking in the Fog with Paddy and took lots of lovely photographs. We left the mooring at 7.50 am and headed towards the Minworth lock. The locks were easy to do and then we got to the second lock from the top and wam bam, something was around the propeller and it almost stopped us dead. There was no way we could get into the bank, so we just stopped in the middle of the cut and had a look down the weed hatch and this is what we found.
It was a builders bag and other items. I suspect the bag came from the building site opposite. It will be a present for a friend of ours who does hedging and tree work, she will love it.
Those locks cleared it was onto the Salford Junction.
New territory today for us, turning into the Saltley branch at Salford junction under Spaghetti junction.
It was onward to Garrison locks on the Saltley branch. All the locks are close together.
Really sad to see this sort of vandalism on a piece of history. This was the first of two lock beams that had fire damage.
I spied three young men on top of the warehouse, who turned out to be very friendly. They were enjoying seeing us work up through the locks.
At the top I waved them goodbye and we went on our way, through some fabulous Autumn colours.
We turned south at Bordesley junction onto the Grand Union canal and up Camp Hill locks.
Such a shame that it is covered in Graffiti.
I am not adverse to graffiti, when it is art, but when people just scribble stuff, which half the time is not even spelt right, then I cannot see the point. We got up the first two locks and met our first boat of the day. A couple were coming down and told us that a single hander was in front of us with a pair of boats. He had a steel narrow boat and a plastic boat, so she hoped we were not in any hurry, which of course we were not. Next lock the narrow boat was in the lock and the plastic cruiser was sat below the lock, so I went up to see if I could help. The gentleman explained he had been up since 4 am and it can take him 45 minutes to do each lock, so he would let us past once we had all cleared the lock, which was really nice of him. The gentleman is heading for London and so I wished him well after we cleared him at the lock.
Sampson Road depot at the top of Camp Hill locks.
Keith enjoying the Autumn cruising past Star City.
Spectacular colours heading towards Catherine de Barnes. The cutting is amazing and such a feat of engineering. We did our good deed of the day, when we saw three young lads trying to get to a football floating in the canal with a long stick. One of the lads ran up to us and asked if we could help them get their ball back. We steered the bow along side the ball and pushed it into the bank and I then moved it closer to the lads with our hook. They were extremely pleased and all said "Thank You". I had forgotten that it is half-term this week, so that is why they were out playing.
Moored at Catherine de Barnes.

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