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Monday 20 August 2018

A brand new week.


Hello Friends and Followers.

How was your weekend?

Saturday you know about because I posted Saturday, but Sunday being Sunday it was my day off from posting. Sorry if you came in expecting something of the written word, but I had a good old fashioned lazy day. There was a time, when Sundays were all about doing very little and I think I have been through this all before, so I will not bore you with it all over again. Sunday for me was a relaxing day, crocheting and watching films. I rang a dear friend as it was her birthday. These days I seldom write a proper letter because we all seem to use e-mail or text. But I do love to ring people for a natter. I usually do it at weekends, because we get free calls. Yes I know I am cheapskate, but hey ho get over it. It was lovely to chat to my friend, who has been my friend for over 38 years. She has been my friend, through the good times and the bad and never fails to be there if I need a listening ear and I am always here for her as well, even though we do not live close to each other any longer. That is what a true friend is.

Going back to watching films. I love watching films and so find film4 wonderful for me. But going back a few days, I watched a film with Robert De Niro in it and thought it maybe an ok film, because I love him as an actor. Oh how wrong was I that it was an ok film. It was dreadful and one I will not be watching again. The film was Dirty Grandpa and was the F word, pretty much every other word. Why oh why would anyone pay to go to the cinema to see a film like that, which was full of bad language and scenes of bad taste. It was not Robert De Niro’s finest hour. He should stick to serious acting. I am not an F or C word lover. I hate them both with a passion and you will never hear me using either of them and I do not seen the need for them in modern day language. There my rant for a Monday.


Sunday evening was all calm and quiet here and looked beautiful.

So here we are another Monday and it began with sunshine, so I was out with my paintbrush again. The rust spots have gone and I am now building up the paint layers, to hopefully hold the rust at bay for a while.

Paddy has been booked into the vets for tomorrow to have his claws cut. We used to do them ourselves, but the last couple of years we have taken him to the vets because he has become a grumpy old man and gets cross when we do it. So now we have to pay either £13 for the nurse to do it or £22 for the vet to do it. Guess which one I am choosing?

Oh joy of joy, we have had showers on and off this afternoon. Just as well my paintwork was almost dry, otherwise I would have been spitting feather and stomping my feet. Tomorrow I am doing the blue paintwork and it had better not rain, because there is plenty to do on the doors.

Paintwork did not take me long, so I then got on with a bit of tidying of my cloths cupboard and drawer. yes I know how to live. The postie then arrived with three parcels. One was for Keith. More bits for his railway. There was one from C&RT (Canal and River Trust). My first thought was “Why would they be sending us a parcel”. On opening it, there was a lovely book written by Timothy West and Prunella Scales, telling of their lives, boating and the places they have been, which looks a good read. There was a C&RT bag and stress ball. It had been sent to us by the lovely ladies we took out last week on the boat buddies scheme. It was such a wonderful surprise and very much appreciated from three wonderful ladies, who enjoyed their day out with us. The third parcel was from my good friend Geraldine on the cheese boat, she had sent me her left over wool for the dog blankets I am making. There are some lovely colours, which will help to make a blanket. I am on the look out for wool and any donations will be gratefully received, because I want to make as many blankets as I can. It is always lovely to receive surprise parcels and it brought a huge smile to my face.

After lunch, I spent some of the afternoon helping to organise the Heritage Weekend. There is always such a lot to go through, but we are on top of the event and fingers crossed everyone we have asked can make it. There will be more on this event as we get closer and after the event is over with photographs.

This evening we welcomed friends into the arm on their boats. It is their first time visiting and it was wonderful to have a good old catch-up. We will see them again in the morning before they leave.

All in all a good day I think.

Pop back soon xxx

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