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Wednesday 15 August 2018

Rust spots and crochet.

Hello Friends and Followers.

I seem to be back on track with this blogging lark and once again enjoying it. Maybe I just love telling people about my life and its ups and downs, which happen on a regular basis. Since we lost our darling Marmite. I have been waking up later.
Marmite would always manage to wake me up, just by her moving on my feet or a small meow if I disturbed her sleep. Because she is no longer sleeping at the bottom of the bed, I seem to be sleeping longer, but I still look for her. I am not sure how long it takes to get over losing such a beloved pet, even though I have had animals in my life for as long as I can remember. Paddy never really disturbs us, because he does not get out of his bed until we get up.
Today, my plan was to get up and do some painting. I am of course talking about boat painting. We have a few rust spots appearing around the portholes and where stone chips have knocked the paintwork. Having walked his Lordship (Paddy), I set about rubbing down the spots with my hand mouse sander. Whilst doing this Keith wanted to add the brass strips to the top of the doors on the galley and engine room doors, so before I began the painting, I helped him with that job, which should have been half an hour at the most, but turned into a lot longer, when he discovered having added the strips to the galley doors they would not shut arghhhh. We had to take it all apart and grind the doors and the wood down until it all fitted. I then re-applied the sealant and Keith then screwed the brass strips in place. Hooray the job was finally done and I could get on with the painting. The first two coats were red oxide. If all goes well tomorrow, I should be able to get some undercoat on, but looking at the weather forecast, I may have to wait until Friday or the weekend. Anyway I have started the job, which I am really chuffed about.
After lunch, I had to go up to the bank, because I tried last night to open an e-savings account, which you do online only. But the stupid thing decided not to let me do it, instead it asked me to visit my branch and supply them with proof of who I am. Oh joy I do not have a passport or a driving licence. Does this mean I do not exist?
Apparently it does these days. So I am actually going to get a provisional driving licence with photo ID, so I and everyone else knows I exist. I have never needed a passport, because I have never been abroad and do not feel the need to go. However I may learn to drive again or maybe I won't. I of course realise that the bank needs to make sure I am who I say I am, because there is so much fraud going on, but you would think that after all these years they would know me, as I go into the branch regularly. Oh well I will sort it out, and in the meantime my savings account will have to wait.
Back from the town, I felt the need to do more to my crochet blanket. It is coming on a treat.
I have done a good few more rows since the last photograph. My only problem now is I am getting low on wool in different colours, so I may have to wait until I get some wool given to me, so I can carry it on. If this is the case then I will crochet a baby blanket to keep my hand in.
Update on Paddy and his eating. He seems to be liking the wet James Wellbeloved food, which I am now mixing with his biscuit which I now soak. I have also changed his feeding times, to see if we can get him to like his food again and so far so good it is working and he is eating everything we put in front of him and as of yet it has not upset his stomach.

Pop back soon xx

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