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Thursday 9 August 2018

Bright Orange Sky.

Hi Friends and Followers.

As many of you will know, we have been having the most amazing summer. The weather has been truly hot and for many it has caused all sorts of problems. We were definitely short of water on a couple of occasions, but this country so often complains we have bad summers. It is not true this year. I still recall the summer of 1976 and that was sweltering, just like this year. This past couple of days has been a lot cooler and in some places down by ten degrees.
Last night, the sky turned very moody and I felt that we were in for some rain when I took Paddy out for his last wees.
Before the rain did come, we were treated a truly incredible sunset, which literally turned everything Orange. I have never seen anything like it, but as I said it then turned to rain, which was very much needed and to smell the Petrichor was wonderful and the garden and plants were thankful.

Here is a question for you.
As a nation are we getting to sensitive over things?
I ask this because it seems everyone is so touchy about things said or done to them. In all my years I do not think I have ever seen things this bad. You cannot make a comment about something, without people taking offence and yet you meant nothing by the comment.
I will say this has not happened to me personally, but I see it happening around me and it is definitely in the media or press.
Whatever happened to live and let live?
If someone has done me wrong then I will these days happily have my say and in no uncertain terms will I put my point across. But over the slightest of things people are getting way to sensitive. Let it go is my thought these days and this has come about having lost two close friends this year and both of them were way to young to die.

We all go through struggles in our lives and I have had more than my fairshare. So I could be bitter and twisted, but I do not believe I am. I am just me and that is all I can be.

What do you think?

Pop back soon xxx

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