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Friday 17 August 2018


Hello Friends and Followers.

Well here we are at the bank end of another week and another week closer to Christmas. Yes I know I have mentioned the C word early. I only mention it because yesterday I saw Christmas cards in the British Heart Foundation charity shop and went WHAT. Oh come on really it is bloomin August. At this rate Christmas cards will be on sale all year round.
I personally think that nothing to do with Christmas should be available until December 1st. It is getting ridiculous. It is all about money, which means Christmas is way to commercialised in again my opinion. STOP IT and STOP IT NOW.

Ok rant over.
So how has your day been?
I would really love to hear. Mine has been a day of doing the laundry, painting and crochet.
I will not bore you with a photograph of my laundry, that will most definitely get you turning off, but you maybe interested in how the rust spot painting is coming along.
The portholes have had a coat of undercoat this morning and all being well, I may get a coat of gloss on tomorrow.
I made a start on the woodwork on the engine room doors, because I want them to be waterproof for the Winter. They get used and abused a lot, so the paint has been chipped off, but that will soon be reversed with a nice coat of gloss paint.
The fore-end, always gets abused one way or another, so keeping the paintwork up is a never ending job, but I like to keep the boat rust free and tidy. Neither of us is paint proud, because at the end of the day Hadar is a boat and it gets bashed and rubbed, but keeping up the paintwork means it helps to keep the rust at bay and keeps the 11 year old paintwork looking tidy. At some point we will have her professionally repainted, but that is a way off yet.
Whilst I got on with the painting, Keith went and did the food shopping using his bus pass to get him to Aldi. On his return, it was time to put the food away and then knock up some lunch. We are still having salads and so I try to make them different everyday. Today we had our salad with cooked rice and peppers. I also did homemade coleslaw. I used to buy coleslaw because it was easier, we actually like my homemade coleslaw better and I can add what I like. I sometimes add Raisins and Walnuts, these both go really well with the cabbage, carrot and onion all mixed together with mayonnaise.
After a busy morning, it was time to sit down and do some crochet. I cannot get on with my blanket of many colours, because I need more coloured wool to complete it, so I decided to make a Lemon and White baby blanket. This will keep my hand in whilst I wait to get some coloured wool. I have also decided with any donated wool I am given, I am going to make blankets for the dog charity.
Paddy came to us when he was 11 months old, he is going to be 15 years old in January. He came from the Border Collie Trust in Rugeley and has given us years of absolute joy and laughter and so I am going to give something back to the trust by making them some crochet dogs blankets, which maybe the dogs can take with them to their forever home. All I need now is the wool :-)
Our garden gives me joy and I like to look after it. Whilst we are away, we have no control over the weeds, so have to sort it out when we come home. Whilst away a friend was moored on our pontoon and his dog decided it liked our Clematis and so chew it down to the sticks you can see in the above photograph.
Having arrived home to no greenery in the pot, I have given it lots of TLC and water and look it has survived its severe pruning by canine teeth. We even have some buds on it. If it flowers I will share the blooms with you.
Our garden is looking tidy at the moment.
I have gotten the weeds under control, although the bramble seems to grow a couple of feet overnight, so I am having to give it tough love. We have kept the brambles because we like the Blackberries and Keith loves them in his cereal in the mornings. It is amazing what a couple of days rain has done to the garden and the grass. Everything is looking a lot greener.
What a sad day it was yesterday with the sad death of Aretha Franklin. A true legend with the voice of an angel. RIP Aretha.

Well folks that is my contribution for today.

Pop back soon xx

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