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Friday 10 August 2018

The battle of the clouds.


Hi Friends and Followers.

I had a rather disturbed night, following the other half hurting his knee whilst out shopping yesterday. I am not sure what he did to it, because I was not with him, but it certainly caused him some pain and neither of us got a lot of sleep, because he could not get comfortable.

Awake early after a night of disturbed sleep, so I got up and made a cuppa and we put the news on. Now on the weather forecast, we were supposed to get showers during the morning and then it would brighten up. With that advice, I thought ok, I will do a laundry wash and hang it out. I thought if it got caught by a shower early on, at least it would dry later in the day. If only that were true.


We have had showers all day culminating in a huge thunderstorm and heavy rain. The clouds were very dark and threatening, they were most definitely battling for space. I always love thunderstorms and would happily stand out in the rain and watch the lightening. I know I am a little strange, but that is just me. So my washing got at least three washes and so I gave up and got it in just as the thunderstorm was developing overhead. It is now hanging in the engine room and hold.

So when the weather is a tad naff, what is a girl supposed to do?


I decided to watch the European Championships on TV and get on with my cosy stripe blanket from a pattern on Attic24. I am using up balls of wool I have been given, so it will be a mish mash of colours, but I do not mind that. I am really enjoying the pattern, which is another one to add to my book of new patterns learnt.


I have also finished off another baby blanket. This one is Pink and Cream, which will be for sale at our Heritage Weekend in September.

Going back to the European Championships. I am so impressed and proud of all our British Athletes, they are incredible and doing this country so proud. I know I said this in yesterday’s posting, but they put in such a lot of training and to produce the efforts they are all doing is incredible and makes me feel very humble. I sad am no athlete and never have been. I do not have the legs for running. I always remember that every sports day at secondary school, I would always be put in the 100 metres and every time I came last. The PE teacher would never learn. Yet give me a badminton racket and I do really well. I in fact won a silver medal playing doubles with my maths teacher Mr Smith. A very proud moment for me and one I always remember with a smile. But running races is not for me. Have you ever seen a happy runner?

Pop back soon xxx

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