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Thursday 23 August 2018

Almost the weekend.


Hello friends and followers.

Well here we are almost at the end of another week and a bank holiday weekend to look forward to.

Most of this past couple of weeks, I have been waking up at silly o’clock and therefore making a brew and then listening to the radio. This morning when we needed to be awake earlier, as Keith had a nurse appointment, we woke up late and therefore had to forgo the brew and get up and dressed in somewhat of a rush. No sooner we were up, Keith was out of the door and off to his 8.20am appointment. As for me I had a much more leisurely breakfast and a cuppa.

Last night we had 15mm of rain, I know this because we have a rain gauge. It left the garden happy and me wondering if I would get any paintwork done. I need not have worried, because the sun came out and it was soon warm enough to get my paintbrush out. I applied the last remaining coats of paint and varnish to the galley doors and then put their furniture back on, as in handles and bolts.


Remember me showing you this photograph of our chewed Clematis and I said I would post a photograph of it flowering.


Here is the first bloom, since the chewing and my loving tender care which has got the plant growing again. I love the colour of this Clematis and there are more flowers ready to come out.


I mentioned yesterday that I paint rocks. I thought I would show you my latest batch which are ready to hide and then find new homes.

This morning after seeing the nurse, Keith went food shopping, so I got on with finishing the paintwork and cleaning inside the boat. It is so much easier to do the cleaning when there is only me on the boat. When I say just me, I also mean Paddy, but he usually stays in his bed when the hoover comes out, because he is none to keen on the sound of it and never has been. By the time Keith came back it was gone 11am, so I made coffee and stowed the food items away. Time to get on with lunch and then decide what the afternoon would bring.

The afternoon was a good one. We turned the boat around and so now we will have our back cabin TV back for the news in the morning. It gave me the chance to see what paintwork I need to tackle over the coming days. During the afternoon our engineer came to look at the flue and he has taken it away with him. If he cannot clear it completely, he is going to make us a new one. So for now we are flue less in the saloon and if it turns chilly as they are forecasting I will have to light the back cabin stove, which is fabulous, because I can do my cooking on and in it as well. We will have to see what the weather does, after all it is a bank holiday and we all know what the weather usually does on these occasions.


Paddy is seems to have rallied and is much better in himself and seems happier eating his soaked food. Long may it last.

Pop back soon xxx

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