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Saturday 18 August 2018

Happy Saturday.


Hello Friends and Followers.

I am right in thinking it is August?

Film4 thinks it is Christmas apparently because it has Miracle on 34th Street on today. I think I may have started something with me talking about Christmas cards in the shops already. Next I will be seeing Christmas trees in the shop windows and Santa walking down the high street. It is very worrying, that the true spirit of Christmas has been hijacked and has become a money making exercise. I know, this has been going on for years, but it has been getting worse year on year. Sadly the children of today and the future, will forget the true meaning of the festive season. Of course it could be said with so many dreadful things going on in the world, I am just being a misery and need to get a life and I suppose that is true. But this happens all over the world.

Small rant over with for Saturday. It was painting day again. With it being a mild, dry, dull morning, I wanted to get the paint on nice and early, to give it a good chance of drying, before the forecast showers arrive. This of course now means we will see no rain at all, which is also fine. I have got a coat of gloss on all the relevant areas and now it is drying nicely.


With the paintwork drying, I turned my attention to inside the back cabin and the back step. Under the back step is a thick piece of steel, which has the wood attached. For ages now I have been wanting to rub the steel down and paint it and so today was the day. I used my handy mouse sander, gave the steel a good rub down and then painted it with Hammerite  paint. I then decided that the wood could do with a touch of tlc, so rubbed that down as well. I am a demon when I have a sander in my hands.


Having rubbed the dirty layer off of the wood, I gave it a good soaking with teak oil to protect it from the weather. I am really quite chuffed with how it has come up and love the patination left behind. I will give it some more teak oil tomorrow.

Painting done for the day. I turned my attention to more weeding and cutting back of the brambles. The prickly little devils must have grown over night and were creeping across the garden.


On Wednesday, I took our recycling up to the bins at Sainsbury, which is about a 5 minute walk for us and whilst there, I spotted this planter, left for anyone who wanted it and so it came home with me. It is bloomin heavy and I can imagine when new it was not cheap, but it will serve me well on our mooring.


It’s only fault is the loss of glaze, but that is fine, I am not to bothered by this, but clearly it’s previous owner did not like the look much. There loss my gain.

It has been a lovely day again, but the temperature is definitely beginning to drop and the nights are drawing in little by little. We will soon be lighting the fire. We are waiting for our flue to be looked at, as we want to make some changes before we light the fire. If it should turn cold before the engineer comes, I will light the back cabin stove instead. I love having that stove lit and dinner cooking in its oven.

Well that is another Saturday done and another day closer to Christmas ha ha ha.

Pop back soon xxx

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