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Monday 18 March 2019

Day 10. Digbeth to Black Country Museum, Dudley.

Hello family, friends and followers.

After the fun and excitement of the St. Patrick's Day parade and all the walking we did to see the graffitti around the custard factory, I slept like a log last night. I was in bed just after 9.45pm, feeling everso slighting shattered.
This morning we both woke just after 6am. I looked out of the engine room door to see a pretty sunrise. With us being awake early, I got up and made us a nice cuppa. We were up around 7am and got everything ready for the off.
7.40am we headed off from Minerva Wharf, Digbeth and headed for Bordesley Junction, where we had to stop because we had something around the prop.
It turned out we had a dog coat around the prop. So somewhere out there, there is a dog missing its coat.
First locks of the day were Ashted locks. The amount of plastic bottles and rubbish was disgusting to say the least. We had to go down the weed hatch again, this time it was plastic bags and twigs.
Having completed the Ashted Locks, we headed into Birmingham with the BT tower showing us the way to Farmers Bridge Locks.
We met a couple of boats on the flight.
Having had a good run up the flight, we met a lovely Irish couple, who had come over for the weekend, to do the parade and to enjoy Birmingham for the first time. They loved everything they saw, which is lovely to hear.
We decided because it was still early, we would carry on to the BCLM. Whilst on the move, I put some Sausage Rolls in the back cabin oven to warm through and I made us a coffee. It was then the overcast sky decided to drop some rain on us. It was drizzly and on and off, so nothing to bother us.
We did Brades Locks and headed towards the BCLM.
All in all we had a fabulous days cruise. In all we did 11 miles and 22 locks. I am treating us to a Chinese Takeaway, because I am worth it having worked all the locks.

This Spring/Summer cruise is the first one without Paddy and Marmite. It is really strange not to have them onboard and I know that at the BCLM it will feel incredibly odd, not walking him twice a day out onto the park. They both bought us so much love and joy and I for one still really miss them both.

Pop back soon xxx

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