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Monday 25 March 2019

Day 16 and 17. Pints and moving on.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Sunday morning dawned and there was silence from the industrial estate. The birds were singing and the Canada Geese were honking. A Wren was singing a merry tune alongside out boat and the sun was out, but we were still awake early.
After our usual cuppa, we were up and moved our boat alongside the C&RT workboat, because Phil was coming back with his boat Valerie. We had said to him, to let us know when he was at the bottom of the Oldbury Locks and we would help him up the locks. I got on with the boat chores and cooked up some meatballs for lunch. 11.30am we got a text from Phil to say he was at the bottom lock, so we down tooled, grabbed our windlasses and headed off down the locks to do some lock setting. We found the pound below lock 4 empty again, so I went ahead to help Phil, whilst Keith let down some water. There is clearly a leak in the pound, because it was bone dry. Once we had helped Phil up the locks, I made us some lunch and then we joined Phil for a couple of pints in Spoons (Wetherspoons). It was so lovely to catch up with him and chat about his new boat Valerie, which had belonged to good friends Les and Jaqueline. Sadly Phil lost his boat in a fire along with his dog and was in need of a new boat, so we put him in touch with Jaqueline, who had her boat up for sale. Phil is so happy with Valerie and has really settled in well with her. It was so lovely to see him and to see him so happy. For me seeing Valerie was a bitter sweet moment, because we had always know her as Les and Jaqueline's boat and we know how happy they were on their boat. But she has gone to a lovely man and he will love her and cherish her as Les and Jaqueline did.
Having enjoyed a couple of pints and a good old chinwag, we walked back to our boat, where Keith gave Phil a guided tour of the railway. We then had dinner, before visiting Simon, Tracey and little Harry on their boat Evelyn's Joy.

Monday morning dawned and so did the noise from the industrial estate. It is one of those noises you get used too. For us it would be moving day though and so we got up early to get a few jobs done. I topped the water tank up, whilst Keith emptied the toilet cassette. I then lit the back cabin stove and got rid of the cold ash and rubbish. Whilst we got the boat ready Phil kindly set the locks and filled the low and empty pounds.
7.50am we were ready for the off on what was a superb morning for cruising. The sun was out and there was no wind. There was a slight chill, but nothing that warranted me putting my jacket on.
In the bottom lock of six.
Under the motorway and all the works that are going on. We had to stop at Spon Lane Locks junction, because we had a prop full of rubbish. Most of it was plastic bags.
We just about managed to get through Summit tunnel, because a tree had come down at the exit. I reported it to C&RT and they are getting it sorted out.
We arrived at Smethwick Locks. It always makes me sad to see the toll house, which was burnt out a few years ago. It makes me angry that some people do not treasure their surrounding and the history which goes with it.
By 10.10 am we had gone through Smethwick Junction and were heading into Birmingham. We decided to going into Oozells Street Loop, to see if there were any moorings and we were pleased to see there was one mooring left just for us.
After lunch, we walked into the city, because I wanted some bits and pieces. I do love Birmingham. At the moment, it is going through a huge change with loads of building work taking place and the new routes for the tram. It is a very vibrant beautiful city.

Pop back soon xxx

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