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Monday 11 March 2019

Day's 2, 3 and 4: Blowy weekend.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Blimey what a blowy weekend we have had.
After mooring up on Friday, we took ourselves off to The Black Boy pub for a fish and chip dinner, washed down by a pint of their wonderful beer. We were both in bed by 8.30pm, because we were both bushed and I ached all over. In my head I am still 18, but my body is definitely telling me otherwise. So after a good night's sleep, we woke on Saturday morning to sunshine , but the wind was already getting up and then the rain began. To say it was rough was an understatement. I am just glad we were not under any trees. Saturday I spent the day baking a Victoria Sandwich, crocheting and reading. My first book of choice was to finish reading The Narrowboat Girl by Annie Murray. I absolutely adore her books. I read this book many years ago and had begun to read it again over Christmas, but did not finish it, so it was nice to get back to reading.The boat was rocking and rolling for most of the day.
Sunday we woke to yet more wind and a promise of snow from the forecasters. We most definitely had wind, rain and hail, but I saw no sign of the snow, which was a bonus. I spent the day stoking the fires, crocheting and I finished The Narrowboat Girl by Annie Murray. Lunch was a curry, I made on Thursday and oh boy it tasted wonderful. On a cold, wet and windy day there is nothing nicer than either a curry or a stew. As the day wore on the wind seemed to come in huge gusts, which meant the poles on the sheeting were bashing and banging about. We decided to bring the water cans in, just in case they should get blown overboard. They are chained on, but even so we did not want them smashing against the side of the boat, which has happened once before.
Monday morning after a windy old night. The forecast for the next few days is more wind and rain, but at least today we had lots of lovely sunshine, even if the wind was very keen. The morning was spent doing boat jobs, so I will not bore you those details. After lunch we decided because the sun was out, we would go for a walk into Knowle.
We set off to bridge 70 and walked up onto the road. We followed the pavement all the way up into Knowle, where we thought it looked familiar, but Keith was sure we had never been there before. I was not so sure, because I was recognising bits of it.
St. John the baptist church. Grade I listed parish church which dates from the 15th century.
Knowle's famous Elizabethan style knot garden. The Knot garden is situated behind the historic sixteenth century Chester House which now houses the library. It was whilst looking at the knot garden we realised we had been here before, when we last passed through Knowle. Having had a nice wander around the town, we stopped and had a nice pot of tea in Elderberry Blacks Café. We had a lovely chat with the owner Hayley. if you are in Knowle, do go and have a cuppa with her.
We said our "goodbyes" and made tracks back home. We walked along the Kenilworth road and down onto the towpath near the top lock at Knowle, near the boat yard.
In all we had walked over six miles on a beautiful breezy day.
Back home we did a boat shuffle with our neighbours, so they could be closer to the car park, because they have deliveries arriving.

We had a good old natter with them and they came and had a look at our model railway, before we all closed up our boats to the chill of the early evening. It has been a wonderful day all in all.

Pop back soon xxx

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