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Saturday 26 October 2019

Relieved comes to mind.

Hello family, friends and followers.

I sit here on a very soggy, dank and miserable Saturday afternoon, thanking my lucky stars for all the wonderful people and things I have in my life right now and having been told some dreadful news this morning, it has made me realise that life is short and it is for living right now. Live each day as if it maybe your last and love the ones who love you back, because tomorrow is not certain.

The weather has not been the best, and so there has been no gardening for a day or two, but that has given me the chance to get on with baking, sewing and tidying. As you will be aware if you read my ramblings, we came home early to our new mooring because our generator died on us whilst at The Black Country Living Museum. Well yesterday (Friday) we had a visit from an engineer from Fischer Panda. he had come to do a report on the generator, because he like us thought it had seized. On arrival, he suggested he try a few things, one of those things was to change the fuel pump, because he suspected it may actually be the problem. Fuel pump changed it did not cure the problem, but then the engineer decided to try another fuel pump, because he was not convinced. Hey presto the generator started, this meant not only had our original fuel pump fail, so did a brand new one the engineer tried. To say that we are relieved the generator is fixed and it was a small thing, well small compaired to the whole thing seizing is an understatement. The generator was out of warranty, so we could of ended up with a huge bill, but instead we wait to hear what we may or may not have to pay. Because we were outside of the warranty by three months, we may not have to pay anything, so fingers crossed on that, because we still have five new leisure batteries to buy. A huge thank you goes out to the Fischer Panda engineer.

With the weather being so dreadful today, it was a good day to sit and watch the first semi-final of the Rugby World Cup. England v New Zealand. Wow what an incredible match. England played their socks off and definitely deserved the win. Tomorrow we look forward to Wales v South Africa. Who knows we may get an all Great Britain final.
With it being so wet, I am staying inside and battening down the hatches for the whole day. The TV is on and the fire is lit, so all is well in my world. We are also one step closer to getting our landline phone connected. It has only taken two weeks :-(. Hopefully all will be sorted out next week.

Pop back soon xx

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