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Thursday 6 February 2020

A True Acting Legend.

Dear family, friends and followers.

It is so sad to start my ramblings with the sad death of a true acting legend. It was announced that Kirk Douglas had died at the amazing age of 103 years old. What an absolutely wonderful man, who lead a full and fun life to the end. I think I first really recall noticing Mr Douglas in the iconic movie Spartacus, which I reckon we have all seen and if you have not I can completely recommend you do. Spartacus came out two years before I was born, but is one of my all time favourite movies. No matter what movie he was in he could turn his hand to anything. He was very good in Westerns such as The War Wagon, The Way West and The Last Sunset. Such a sad loss to the acting world. R.I.P Kirk Douglas.

Wednesday morning we were greeted with a heavy frost after the temperature got down to -4C overnight. It however meant we had sunshine from the get go and it was white underfoot. The birds got fed first this morning, because of the cold.
When the temperatures dip, all wildlife needs a helping hand.
Even Bob the Wood Pigeon needs feeding. Yes his/her name is Bob. I know it is the same pigeon which comes everyday, because it has bird poop down its back. Obviously it has not be taught to groom itself properly, or maybe it is making a fashion statement.
Hubby and his poorly tooth went off food shopping to Aldi on the bus with his bus pass. Oh I do so hope the bus pass is still around when it is my turn to get one, because we will make full use of them when I finally get mine. I do however worry, they may have gotten rid of them by the time I get there. Fingers crossed I get one eventually. Anyway, whilst he was off shopping, I got on with hoovering and doing a general tidy, whilst the radio was turned up and the fire was roaring. We all need a bit of time to ourselves and this is my time to do what I want, even if it is chores. I like nothing more than a dance around the boat, whilst singing at the top of my voice. I am actually shocked that it does not bring all the cats calling to be honest. Because I know my voice is not the best, even though I used to be in a church choir, I will never make it to The Voice or X-Factor. On hubby's return from the food shopping, I got to stow it all away, whilst he sat and drank a nice hot cuppa, warming him up. His tooth is much improved it seems, so we think the new medication maybe doing it's job at the moment. Lunch was done and dusted and I was still waiting for a phone from my GP. I rang the surgery at 8.45 am and asked for a phone call with my GP about more blood tests. She must have been have had a busy surgery, because she did not ring me until 3.10 pm. I am having another round of blood tests done to check all is well. I feel so much better, so I am hoping everything has settled down finally. If all is well, I am guessing we will never know what set it off, but I seem to also have my hives and Nickel allergy under control. Perhaps we will be cruising early after all (fingers crossed). My afternoon was spent watching 'The Big Sky' with Kirk Douglas. A black and white movie from 1952, well worth a watch.

Pop back soon xx

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