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Monday 10 February 2020

Made an appearance.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Said Storm Ciara arrived as promised and decided to blow a hooley. The boat rocked and swayed and the rain hammered down, but all was well in our world, because we were snug and safe on the boat.
We had waves on the cut and the trees were bending to and fro. We are relatively sheltered where we are, but we were still feeling the full force of Ciara. Some parts of the country were hit very badly and I send my heart felt thoughts with anyone who has suffered damage or flooding due to storm Ciara. For many it was a nightmare getting anywhere as well. A member of my family had a nightmare journey back home, having gone to Ireland for a couple of days. They were flying back, so you can imagine the chaos the cancellations and delays caused. Thankfully they did get home safely in the end. We did nothing except keep in touch with family and friends online and watch TV. I watched all the rugby matches. Well done to England, there win was brilliant in dreadful conditions on Saturday. It was also good weather to have a roast and enjoy a bar of chocolate.

Monday has arrived to sunshine and a sort of calm. It is still breezy out, but no where near as bad as it had been on Saturday night and Sunday. I got up and made us our first brew of the day, which we enjoyed whilst watching the morning news on the BBC. There were some shocking scenes of the damage storm Ciara had caused including a Sheep trailer being taken away by a river. The owner of the trailer is on my Twitter page. I have been following the Yorkshire Shepherdess for sometime and most of her photographs show the extremes they go through in the weather, but also the beauty of the countryside and her flock. Seeing her trailer swept away must have been about as extreme as it gets in many ways.
Once we were up and about. I went for my morning stroll. I always feel the need to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. The wind was breezy and it was a bit nippy, but so lovely to be out in the sunshine.
Back home, I put out the bird feeder, which was welcomed by Mr Robin, who was waiting for me as usual.
Having fed the wildlife, it was time to get on with the boat chores. I sorted out the saloon stove and lit the back cabin stove, because the back cabin was feeling a little damp. Because the rain yesterday was so ferocious it found a way to get in under our slide, leaving us with a wet rag rug, so I hung that up to dry and within no time at all the cabin was feeling snuggly again. I also had coal to get in, a cassette to empty and rubbish to get rid of (phew). Lunch was put on. We had the remains of the chicken from yesterday (Sunday), with mash potatoes, Sprouts, Peas, Cauliflower Cheese, gravy and Yorkshire puds. Ideal chilly weather food in my opinion. I popped around to our pet store and got provisions for our feathered and furry friends. I cannot see them go hungry, especially when the weather is so rotten.

It seems as I type this, friends around the country now have snow. I wonder if it will be coming our way? I do hope so :-)
I am a child when it comes to snow. I will happily go out walking in the snow with my camera. There is nothing nicer than walking across the snow, where no one has walked before. The one thing I have never done, but would love to do is create a snow angel. If we get snow and enough of it, I will do my own snow angel, so watch this space.

Pop back soon.

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