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Thursday 20 February 2020

Still raining.

Dear family, friends and followers.

I do not need to tell you the weather is foul and what devastation it has caused to so many around the UK, you only need to see the news or online footage to know how bad things are in some parts of the UK. Our water level has gone back to normal for now and for that we are thankful, but those who are still injuring flooding and storm damage, my heart goes out too you, because I cannot imagine what you must be going through right now. Of course in all of this turmoil the most important thing is to stay safe and look after ones life. When you see your home and businesses swept away by water, you think about the material things you have lost and wonder how on earth you are going to recover. Most material things can be replaced, whereas human and animal life cannot. I think I would find losing family photographs, precious things the children have made or family heirlooms really difficult to deal with, because you will never get those back. Keeping all precious things up high would always have to be a priority when flooding is possible.
When going through such turmoil, we can all help others who maybe going through worse than ourselves and it is not that we require something in return, it is just an act of kindness which could make that persons day, month or year and actually only costs our time. None of us knows when we may require someone's help.

So as the rain continues to fall, I have been getting on with small jobs on the boat, with the hope that at the beginning of March we will be off cruising. I am already getting items washed, which will be put away until we return to our mooring. I have started to sort through the Winter/Summer box to see if I can send items to the charity shops. The same goes for the boot box. There is absolutely no point in cruising around the country with.  excess baggage. Not only that I may well end up purchasing new things whilst we are out and so old and unused things can go now. I will soon be putting the curtains back up in the back cabin and washing the plates around the stove. The cabin will have a Spring cleaned as well. I have spent time wrestling the mattress covers, which all needed washing. We sleep in our back cabin and have the mattress in three parts, so that it can be folded away in the cupboard. Today I washed the third part having wrestled the cover off. The company who made the covers did not leave a lot of wriggle room for getting the covers off and then back on again.
In between the rain, I went out and checked on the garden and gave some of the plants their dose of tea leaves.
The Rhubarb is coming on really well. We have two leaves and a third on the way.
Even our small Rhubarb is coming along. I am hoping the tea leaves will give it a perk up. I collect the tea leaves in a jar and when it is full, I pour them onto the garden and hope they give our plants some nutrients. It saves putting them in the bin.
The Daffodil bulbs are beginning to come out in flower.
The Crocus are already out, but due to the rain they were not showing off their true colours.

Good news today. I spoke to my GP and she is happy for us to go cruising. My blood test results came back and although one of them is still abnormal, it is coming down. It is thought my Liver may have been struggling with a virus and therefore was upset. Anyway Liver function was normal for the second time and I am hoping the gamma side of the test will soon be back within normal range which is 5-50, mine is 64 from 115. Cruising here we come at the beginning of March. I have cancelled the hospital appointment, because there is no point taking up an appointment, that someone else really needs. I will now get into full cruising mode, because there are jobs which need to be done before the off.

Pop back soon xxx

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