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Monday 3 February 2020

Six Nation's Weekend.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Weekends are always about rest and relaxing for me, when ever possible. Saturday though we had a job to do once the postman had been. Our new aerial cable arrived and the job for the morning was to sort our TV signal out, but for me the first things to do were to stoke the fire and to make a Chicken Korma for lunch. Fire stoked, I made us a curry, which sat on top of the stove to cook, I then helped with the new TV aerial cable. I was in charge of digging a trench to lay the cable in and helping with threading the cable under and up through the pontoon for the pump out. Cable all laid down, time to check we have a signal. Still no signal according to hubby's meter, so we checked everything once, twice and three times. I then suggested we should see if the TV is working, because maybe the signal is getting to it, after all we had put a new cable down. Hey presto we have TV and there fore his meter is not working properly. Phewwwwww.
Job done, time to cook the rice for our curry lunch and to have a much needed coffee. It was a tad chilly and windy whilst sorting the cable out, so I for one was glad to get inside out of the wind.

Whoop whoop the Six Nation's rugby has begun. First up to play were the Welsh (Champions) against Italy on BBC1. A win for Wales after beating Italy 42-0. To be honest, although Italy played well at times, Wales really looked too strong for them. Next up were Ireland v Scotland on ITV1. My evening was spent in front of the fire and TV. Oddest film of the evening was 'Signs' with Mel Gibson. I think perhaps I need to watch it a couple more times to really enjoy it. It was a little drawn out for my liking. Off to bed we went to the sound of bird song. It was almost 11 pm and the birds were singing.

Sunday morning and it is 02-02-2020. The first palindrome for many a year, in fact 909 years ago, when it was 11-11-1111. The next one will be in 101 years 12-12-2121.
We sat drinking our first cuppa of the day in bed watching Match of the Day. Yessssss we have a signal. Now I am not a huge football fan, I cannot being with all the over reacting when someone stomps on their foot, or the diving in front of the ref in a hope they may get a penalty. I do enjoy watching the World Cup or the Euro's, just because I support England. I prefer watching rugby. Those players play rough for 80 minutes, they get stomped on, squished and they get up and carry on, they do not roll around on the floor for the slightest things and yet footballers get paid stupid amounts of money to play act. There is something wrong there in my opinion. Anyway enough said. Up and about, the usual jobs got done.
I put the feeder out for the birds and Mr Robin was there waiting for me. He gave me that look, as if to say "Come on, I have been waiting ages". After the stove was stoke, I got on with cooking a cottage pie for lunch.
My cottage pie, usually has added ingredients, today I added Leek, Mushroom and Carrots, plus a teaspoon of Marmite and Tomato sauce to the gravy. The topping was sweet and ordinary potatoes, with grated cheese on the top. I enjoy mixing things up a little. I am not a fancy cook, I just like good homemade food and cooking from scratch.
Our bulbs are really coming through now and I look forward to seeing what colour's we have and what the flowers are. These all look daffodils.
The Elephants ear is in flower, which is lovely because we moved it in October and therefore I thought it may not flower this year. It is obviously happy where it is now.
The Rhubarb is coming on leaps and bounds.
Our Heather's are still doing really well. I love Heather's they make such wonderful ground cover and colour at the same time.
Six Nation's time again with England playing France. Oh blimey who forgot to turn up for the first half. It was almost as if England had forgotten how to play rugby. The first half was dreadful, we were 17-0 down as they went in for the break. Finally in the second half we woke up and the match finished 24-17. I am guessing the only way is up. At the end of the day one team has to lose, and it happened to be England.
Sunday drew to a close, so we retired to our bed and watched the end of the Bafta Awards. 1917 was the big winner of the evening with Seven awards. It is a film I definitely want to see at some point.
Hope your weekend was a good one?

Pop back soon xxx

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