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Thursday 13 February 2020

New shoes.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Another day closer to going cruising I hope. Being a boater who goes out cruising, I do a lot of walking, whether it be working locks, or just enjoy a good old stroll, so I need walking/hiking shoes which are comfortable and sturdy. Over the years I have tried all sorts of footwear for this task and have had varying degrees of success. My recent footwear however, which I bought from Mountain Warehouse a couple of years ago, was not a success. Although they felt great when I bought them and did so for a few months, they soon lost their waterproofing and became uncomfortable. I had been on the lookout for another pair of walking/hiking shoes which would not break the bank, but nothing was floating my boat (excuse the pun), until I spotted a pair of Peter Snow leather shoes on Ebay.
Now normally I would not buy footwear off of Ebay. I like to go into a shop normally and try shoes on, to make sure they fit properly, because I have wide feet. I was not searching for shoes, when these appeared in a side bar on the Ebay website and they got my attention. I decided I would take a chance and bid on them. They started at £5 and as you can see from the photograph, still had their tags on. I was in contact with the lady selling them and was told they had never been worn, which was obvious because of the labels. Looking at them, they looked like a wider fit, so I watched them for a few days and then put my bid in of £7. My thought was they would go for a heck of a lot more, so I was shocked to get a message to say I had bought myself a pair of shoes Yippee. I paid immediately and the lady posted them the next day.
They have had their first trial run (walk) and they are a huge success and extremely comfortable. I want to wear them in a bit before we go off cruising, that way I will not get blisters when we go off hiking. I am one extremely happy lady. I think I have finally found my perfect walking/hiking shoes. When we are boating, I wear my steel toecap shoes, which are great because they are also anti slip.
My new shoes have brilliant soles on them. I will not be sliding anywhere in these.

What are your favourite shoes?
Do you have a favourite maker and colour?

I am a lady who does not do fashion. I only ever buy for comfort. I cannot abide wearing shoes which make my feet hurt or I feel unsafe in. I have never been a fashion ikon. I wear clothes I feel comfortable in as well. I do not have the legs or the body shape to do fashion and anyway fashion and boating do not really go together. I do not even own a pair of high heeled shoes, mainly because I cannot wear them. I think the last time I was wearing anything fashionable was in the 1970's when I had a pair of red and white hot pants and I thought I was the bees knees. There is absolutely no way I would wear anything like that these days, but I am a more mature woman now a days and have more sense. Boating clothing and footwear has to be sensible and useful in all weathers and conditions. Boating clothing is usually bought from charity shops, because it can get ruined and thrown. Shoes and wet weather gear is always bought brand new and has to be fit for purpose.

Pop back soon xxx

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