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Friday 31 January 2020

End of the week and being in European Union.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Well I told you yesterday, I was going to be watching 'Snowpiercer' made in 2013 and I would let you know what I thought of the movie. The movie is kind of very apt at the moment, with all the talk about climate change and how we need to save this planet one way or another. This movie is all about a failed attempt to save the world and therefore everyone dies, except a lucky few who board this train the snowpiercer. The train travels around the globe fully self sufficient, but there is a class system where if you were lower class you were at the back of the train and just about surviving. Whereas the upper class were at the front of the train living the high life. The train was built and run by Wilford (Ed Harris), who lives at the front of the train and controls everything and everyone on the train. A rebellion takes place where Chris Evans as Curtis starts a move towards the front of the train and as he and the others do so, there is a lot of killing and violence. They realise as they move forward in the train the difference in the classes and what they have been missing out on. They eventually get to the front of the train, where Curtis meets Wilford. The train comes off of the rails due to an avalanche and the only two surviver's, see a Polar Bear and know that life can survive outside of the train. To me the plot was a little thin and fragmented, so not really my type of film, but then I am a Romcom and Western girl. Of course just be cause it was not my cup of tea, does not mean you would not like it. After two and a half hours of watching the film it was time for bed and a night of wonderful sleep.

Friday morning dawned, we were greeted by another dull, mild start. We had our usual cuppa, whilst listening to the radio in bed. The news is full of the UK leaving the European Union and asking how people will be celebrating. I am not sure celebrating should be the right word, because not everyone is happy about the fact we will no longer be ruled by Europe. I think that we should just carry on as usual, until it is all finalised. After all we have another 11 months of negotiations to go through yet. I just hope that people are kind to each other, even if they are not happy with the situation. None of us truly knows what is going to happen, but the UK is a great country and it will remain so and who knows if it all goes well, other countries may follow suit.
With the mild start it got me thinking that It looks like this Winter is not going to be dreadfully cold, which must be a huge disappointment to all those who were saying it was going to be the coldest Winter in 100 years. Mind you they say that most Winter's and get it wrong. I am guessing one of these days they will be right. The one good thing with not having a particularly cold Winter, is we do not burn as much coal, which is good for us and the planet.

Talking of the planet have you heard of Ecobricks? Boating friends introduced me to them and how to make them out of a plastic bottle and the rubbish we throw away. Please go and have a read, it is brilliant.

First on my list of jobs to do today was a laundry wash. I like to get it done early. I get to sit in the laundry and it gives me time alone to thing. I also love to stand in the doorway and watch life pass me by. At the moment the view is of the huge road works going on, on the Birmingham road, where they have taken out a roundabout and are putting in traffic lights. It is suppose to help the congestion we get along this part of the road during peak times. We will see if it works, when it is finished in a few months time. The birds were singing loudly above the noise of the works going on. There were horns beeping, people shouting, music playing and I thought to myself. This is life, just going about its daily business. No matter what is going on in the world, this is our world right now right outside the laundry.
Washing finished and hung up in the engine room, it was time for a coffee and a thought about what we would be having for lunch. I made a Leek and Potato Soup, which was boiling away on the top of the stove and we will be having this for dinner. I put some fish cakes in the oven for lunch. We are trying to cut down on how much we eat, by cutting our portion sizes down. I am also watching my Nickel intake, whilst taking my Vitamin C and Iron twice a week. So far I seem to be on top of things, because my Hives have stayed away, thank goodness. I am hoping my system is on its way back to being normal.
After lunch, I decided to do a spot of baking, because the cake tin was empty. I have always enjoyed baking and usually do this on a Sunday, but for some odd reason I never got round to it this past Sunday. Anyway cakes baked and filled with jam and butter icing mmmmmmm. Because I never got round to my walk this morning, I took myself off for a walk around the block, just to clear the cobwebs away and keep my fitness levels up. It would be so easy to just sit on the boat and do absolutely nothing. I will be doing a spot of that over the weekend, because the Six nations rugby starts on Saturday and I do so enjoy watching all the matches. So feet will be up and as hubby has bought sweets, I will be tucking into those. Hubby had to go to the dentist this morning with a troublesome tooth. It turns out he has an abscess and so is now on antibiotics for five days. Life is never boring on board our boat.

Pop back soon xxx

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