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Monday, 11 October 2010

Not a good blogging weekend.

Hiya Friends, Countrymen and fellow bloggers.

I was going to say Friends, Romans and Countrymen, but it did not seem right LOL. I did not post over the weekend, because we had a signal which was so up and down, actually more off than on is a better description, it drove me and the other half nuts, so we did not bother with the computers much. Out weekend was spent at the top of Foxton Locks and a lovely weekend it was too. We had set off from the Welford Arm in what can best be described miserable weather. It was not raining, but was extremely overcast. By the time we had reached Foxton it had brightened up a little and as the weekend wore on it got better and better. Yesterday was more like a Summer day than the beginning of Autumn. Being moored up for the weekend, meant we got a few jobs done on the boat. We also supplied coal to people as they passed as well. We have always made it our policy not to move at weekends in the Summer months, as it is usually very busy with hire boats and private boats just out for a weekend cruise from the marinas. The weekend is also the perfect time for me to get into my cooking mode. This past weekend I made homemade Vegetable soups, and an Apple Crumble all cooked in or on the back cabin stove.
Marmite and Paddy spent their weekend lounging around in the sunshine. Paddy always loves laying out on the back counter, where he can watch the world go by and wag his tail at passers-by. Marmite on the other hand was on her long lead, watching the bird life. In the hedgerow there was a family of Wren's and a lovely Robin who seemed fascinated my the cat. Marmite is not particularly scared of dogs, probably because she has been bought up with Paddy. But as we all know not all dogs like cats and yesterday Marmite almost came off the worst for wear, when another boaters dog tried to grab her. Now normally Marmite would stand her ground with any size dog as she has seen off a German Shepard before now. But this little Terrier who was not on a lead made a grab for her, she hissed at it and then dived into the engine room. In one way I was pretty cross with the dog owner for not controling their dog, but on the other hand it did teach Marmite that not all dogs like cats. The woman did apologise and then walked on telling her dog off. It would have been far better if she had just put him on his lead in the first place. After he had gone, Marmite went back to rolling in the dirt and watching the bords, so it obviously did not affect her to much
Later in the afternoon Keith and I were minding our own business, when we were greeted by Teri and Dave friends of ours who were out enjoying the sunshine and happened to find us on their walk. Teri and Dave help with
The Narrowboat Trust working boats Nuneaton and Brighton. We got to know them a few years ago whilst at the Little Venice Cavalcade and have remained good friends with them. It was a lovely surprise to see them both.

Sunday's tends to be a day for baking and cleaning the inside of the boat. Yesterday was a day for cleaning out cupboards and re-arranging them. Keith cleaned out one of the cupboards which has computer stuff and printer paper in it. It now has some computer stuff in it and small fridge storage boxes, which freed up another cupboard, which is now being used for bread, biscuits and crisps. I am sure that we can get rid of other things we no longer need. I decided that the bathroom needed a good old clean. it is a room which tends to get over looked, because it is so tiny and with the door closed it is out of sight out of mind. But it got cleaned to within and inch of its life and now sparkles. As the weekend drew to a close, my thoughts turned to the weekend ahead, which are going to be busy with deliveries and things to get done.

Monday morning and the sun was shining when we got up, but the strong breeze was very chilly. We set off for the top lock at Foxton, where we moored up whilst I went to find the Lock Keeper. It is always the case that the Lock Keeper is never where you need him to be, so I found myself walking down to the bottom of the flight, where Terry was opening paddles to allow some water down. Terry was still in his shorts, but was wearing a heavy duty fluorescent yellow jacket. I enquired as to whether his legs were cold, and he told me he was fine. But I can see it will not be much longer before the long trousers will be out. A boat was already heading down the flight and Terry told us to follow them down as there was nothing waiting at the bottom. I walked back up and shouted to Keith to get ready to come down. The rundown the flight was very pleasant in the sunshine, but I did need my thick waistcoat on to keep out the cold breeze. As we got to the bottom nb Steadfast was waiting to come into the bottom lock. I left the gates for them and walked on to the swing bridge. We are now moored at Black Horse Bridge, where we are now waiting for customers to arrive to collect their coal and I have a new customer to chat too. The sun is still shining, but there is a chilly breeze blowing a long the canal. At least we have a rocl solid signal for both the computer and TV, so all is well for posting and watching the box later. I am now off to do some lunch and then we will see what the afternoon brings.

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