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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Food and a little bit of history

Hi Folks.

It arrived, the food that is. Mr Tesco man arrived in his van and unloaded my order. With it loaded on to his trolley he then wheeled it to the boat, where it was unloaded in through the Galley window, where Keith stacked it. I then had the job of putting it all away. This shop should keep us going for a couple of weeks all being well. Having a Tesco delivery is so easy and makes my life so much easier.
Shopping all put away, I warmed up some homemade Chicken and Vegtable soup for lunch, which was very yummy.
After lunch I walked up to the swing bridge to see what progress had been made, to find the bridge itself had been lifted off and put to one side and the workmen from May Gurney were busy working. I noticed that they were trying to get the mini digger down onto the swing bridge platform, so thought I would stand and watch. They made a handmade ramp out of blocks of wood, which did not look at all stable.
I wonder if they did a risk assessment?
Or bothered with health and safety?
The guy on the digger was verbally worried about coming down the homemade wooden steps. Even one of the other workmen said "That was a squeeky bum moment". He did make it safe and sound and work commenced. I was told that they should have the swing bridge open on the 1st November, with new safety measures. So watch this space for whether it actually works.Having left the workmen to it, I took a walk through the village, which is stunning. The view of the Black Horse Pub and Church must be one of the most popular views and is probably on many holiday snaps. The one thing that got my attention was this menorial plaque on the Village Hall. I never knew that a Lancaster had crashed in Foxton and wanted to see what I could find out.
This is what I have found out so far.

At 03.10 on 9th April 1945, Lancaster Bomber ND949 of 630 Squadron RAF, returning from a raid on Lutzkendorf, crashed at the village of Foxton, 3Km NW of Market Harborough, Leicestershire. All 7 crew members, 6 of whom were Australian, were killed.

SGT. B.Gibbons RAFVR. Aged 21 (1625259) Foster son of Raymond Cyril Gray and Florence Beatrice Gray, of Letchworth, Hertfordshire.
F/S H.E.Burton RAAF

F/O R. Martin RAAF
F/O W.Forrester RAAF
F/S A.E.Bowman RAAF
F/S F.J.Howlett RAAF

This story has really touched my heart, so I plan on researching it further. If anyone knows anything further to what I have, would you please let me know. These brave men gave their lives so we may be free.
I have had a wonderful day. Tomorrow we will be heading for Market Harborough.

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