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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Spring Sunshine all the way.

Hi Friends.

Thursday morning we were awake early and the sun was pouring through the pigeon box portholes. This boded well for the day, as the plan was to head for the Welford Arm, where we would drop off 20 bags of coal to the Wharf Inn. We always supply Alex with coal and more often than not have lunch there as well. Before we could even think about setting off, breakfast had to be sorted and of course the animals needed walking and feeding. God forbid I should forget to feed them, especially Marmite, who makes sure I know in no uncertain terms that she has no food in her bowl. Paddy thankfully is a little more laid back, he usually comes back from his walk and sits in his bed waiting for his biscuits. After all that, I stoked the back stove, so that it would spring into some sort of life and then it was time to depart our over night mooring, which was very peaceful.
It was not long before we met another boat coming towards us at a bridge 'ole. This time it was a Viking Afloat hire boat and they slowed down so that we may go through the bridge 'ole first, which was very nice of them. Immediately behind them was another boat, closely followed by another. As we passed the hire boat we said "Thank you" and went on our way. no sooner the hire boat tried to enter the bridge'ole it got stuck on the mud and this turned into panic as the first following boat bore down on them. Out came the poles, which were not helping the situation. The lady steering the following boat was not holding back, she kept going and was almost touching them before she decided to pull back a little. The poor couple on the hire boat must have been getting very frustrated and yet this woman was doing nothing to help the situation. The 3rd boat then joined in the queue and that was when we went out of sigh. For all I know they are still there now.it was a day of meeting boats at bridge'oles, as we met boat after boat, some who allowed us through and others we slowed down for to allow them through. There were no collisions today.The British Waterway's contractors were out in force cutting the grass and strimming the edges. It looked like they were following us along the canal. The smell of newly mown grass filled the air and with the birds singing, one could have been forgiven for thinking it was Spring.The local farmers had also been out and trimmed the hedges around their fields. One farmer looks like he got over excited with his hedge cutter, because the hedge cutter has tried to trim the British Waterways Winding Hole Sign.
As we made our way towards the Welford Arm, we were hailed by a boater who wanted some coal. So we pulled in, in front of them and supplied them with what they needed. Come lunchtime we turned into the Welford Arm and made our way down through the single lock. I then left Keith on the 14 day moorings, whilst I walked down to the end to see if there was any moorings available. One boat was winding and the wharf moorings were empty, which took me by surprise, because normally we cannot get in anywhere near the wharf and have to unload our coal on the water point. I called Keith on my phone, allowing it to ring a few times, this was our signal to say come ahead. He winded the boat and we moored up. Having locked up the boat, our first port of call was the Wharf Inn for lunch and a pint, which was very welcome. For some reason I fancied Fish and Chips. I enjoyed a lovely piece of Haddock with Chips and Keith had a Curry, all cooked by Darren . Lunch consumed we then unloaded the coal ordered by the pub. We loaded up their trolley and then then our sack barrow, which only made it to the car park, before it blew a tyre grrrrrrrrrrr. This is not what we need at this time of the year. On closer inspection, the other tyre is not looking good either. This trolley is not even a year old and so I am not best pleased.
We have had a fantastic day, selling coal and meeting new people, who will hopefully remain customers over this coming Winter.

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